The Hidden Amber: Chapter 01

Ryoutei Academy, outside

Yuriko walks through the doors and takes a deep breath. It has been a week since she started in Ryoutei Academy. She doesn’t have any friends yet, but she’s managed to stay out of trouble.

(It seems that Shuu-san isn’t really going in his classes. Well, he told me so on my first day. Whenever I see him, he seems to be sleeping. I wonder what’s going on with him… Anyway, I shouldn’t be thinking about him. I need to get to home and sleep a bit before making breakfast for dad.)

Yuriko walks to the street and almost run into someone. She stops and smiles.


(I know, who that is! That’s Ayato-kun, Shuu-san’s younger brother. Since Reiji-san was really nice to me, I think I should be friendly to Ayato-kun too.)

Yuriko: “He-hello there! I’m new around here and trying to make friends. My name is Yuriko, nice to meet you!”

(I think someone said that Ayato-kun loves takoyaki…)

Yuriko: Would you like to eat takoyaki together sometimes?

(I know, it’s a bit bold to say something like that, but I really want to get everyone’s good side as soon as possible.)

Ayato: Yuriko, huh? If you know how to make takoyaki, yours truly gives you special permission to bring them to me.

(Yes! He is friendly like Reiji-san!)


Yuriko: “Wonderful! I’ll make some after school today. I also like takoyaki, but usually end up making too many… because my dad is rarely at home to eat with me. So, how about I’ll bring you some tomorrow?”

(Why on Earth I had to blabber about dad? Ayato-kun doesn’t need to know my personal problems. Not anyone needs to.)

Ayato: “Bring as many you can, Chichinashi.”

Ayato grins to Yuriko.

Ayato: “And don’t keep yours truly waiting or you’ll be my lunch instead, hehe…”

Yuriko: “Eeh? Your lunch, you said?!”

Yuriko stares Ayato and blushes heavily.


(What is he implying? When he says “lunch”, does he mean something else…? I need to say something. Fast. This conversation has turned out really weird!)

Yuriko: “I… I don’t think our relationship is quite that level yet, A-Ayato-kun. We just met! Not that I’m saying I won’t bring takoyaki, I definitely will!”

Yuriko panics, turns around and runs back to school. It doesn’t take long before she is lost in the corridors again. She is panting and decides to rest for a bit in a corner. But that corner is occupied.

Shuu: ZzzzzzZ

(Eeh! Again? I wonder if Shuu-san is okay… Why is he sleeping here anyway?)


Thinking nothing Yuriko takes out her phone and takes a photo of sleeping Shuu. She uploads it on her account, which nobody really follows. It’s more like her lonely diary.

(Why is my heart bounding so fast? Shuu-san looks so lonely and yet so… sweet? His hair is messy, and I like to brush it with my fingers… and those lips… Oh my gosh, I can’t keep thing about this! He doesn’t like me even a bit. What I need to do is go home and make those takoyaki I promised to Ayato-kun!)

Yuriko turns around once again and tries to find her way out. Ayato is nowhere to be seen when she walks to the street.

I’m trying to be good. A perfect daughter, a good student, and a friend for as many people I can. Yet I feel lonely and lost.


There is something in this school… The people here are different. And I feel like something is waking deep inside of me.

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