The Hidden Amber: Chapter 02

Yuriko’s home

Father: ”I’m going now.”

Yuriko: ”Have save trip to work!”

Yuriko’s dad leaves for work and whole apartment is quiet again. Yuriko yawns, because she didn’t get much sleep before she had to get up and made breakfast for her dad. It’s something they agreed even though she goes to the night school now. Dad said that Yuriko needs to learn take responsibility for her actions.

(Alright, better get some sleep now and make takoyaki afternoon. That way they are still fresh when I take them to Ayato-kun. Maybe I should leave some for dad in the fridge too.)


Yuriko goes back to her room and grabs her phone to set an alarm. There is one notification, and she taps it open.



Yuriko: “Eeeeeehh!!!”



(What is this? Shuu-san liked the photo I took last night? Oh no, did he read what I wrote? He hasn’t noticed me after the first day even though I have run into him couple of times at school. Mostly he is just sleeping… I didn’t even know he had phone and account for that site.)

Yuriko stares her phone and checks the photo she took again.

(Oh my gosh, I actually wrote, how I want to touch his hair. Did he read that part too?)

Yuriko’s heart starts to beat so fast it almost hurts. Her hands are shaking and it’s hard to breath.

(What was I thinking? And what am I going to do now? This… Oh, please… Maybe he didn’t read anything? Maybe he just liked that photo because he was in it.)

Yuriko knows that she would have read the text if she found her picture on someone else’s account. But Shuu-san could be different. What Yuriko have heard, he is as lazy as one can be, so maybe reading anything is too much work for him.

Suddenly Yuriko’s phone vibrates in her hand and another notification pops up.



(Ayato-kun liked that photo too? Oh my gosh, what am I going to do?!)


(Should I delete the photo? But then it only looks weird…)

Yuriko sits down on her bed and stares her phone. She should have just kept that picture for herself. But she didn’t think anyone would look up to her profile.


Yuriko: “Now he is following me?!”


(And I just posted about him too earlier… Oh dear, I might be in trouble. Maybe I should just delete my account…)

Yuriko’s hands start to shake even more. She puts the phone on the bed and grabs a pillow on her lap. She doesn’t know what to think. Yes, she wants friends, but things went so bad in her previous school…

(But this time could be different. Ayato-kun seems to be popular and cool, so maybe being friends with him could be a good thing. And I liked him even though he said some odd things.)

Yuriko takes her phone again and follows Ayato’s profile back. It doesn’t take long when she receives a private message.

Ayato: “Yo, Chichinashi, don’t forget to bring the takoyaki! Yours truly is going to have his lunch tonight one way or another!”

Yuriko: “I won’t! I’ll bring them to you before classes!”

Something is changing. Maybe this time everything will go better, maybe I find friends.


Ayato-kun was nice to me and Shuu-san liked my photo of him. It makes my heart flutter but in a good way, I guess.


I’m not sure what I’m feeling but perhaps it’s not time to be scared but look ahead…

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