The Hidden Amber: Chapter 04

I’ve been running as long as I remember. I don’t know this forest but somehow, it’s still familiar. All the smells feel like home to me. And my paws always find the way wherever I’m running. I won’t get lost. Ever. Even though I don’t know where I am.

I stop at the end of a cliff and look down where a river bends between the trees. The other white one stops next to me and lays a golden gaze over me. They always try to say something, but the words don’t get through. It’s like I’m missing ability to hear them…


Ryoutei Academy, storeroom

(Uh… ooh… I’m hungry…)

Yuriko opens her eyes and sees a storeroom, which only light flickers.

(How did I get here again?)

The heat rises on Yuriko’s cheeks when she remembers what happened earlier. She was so tired and after running away from Ayato, she was basically so exhausted that she fell asleep right after coming this storeroom…

Yuriko swallows hard as she realizes that something – or someone to make the matter worse – is holding her waist. Now she remembers! The storeroom wasn’t empty when she arrived. She looks down and sees a slender arm around her waist as she feels light breath on her neck.


(Oh, shit! Is that who I think it is?! I know those fingers, because I’ve been staring them at class every time, I’ve had a change… which is not often, but…)

Yuriko has no idea what time it is or how long she’s been sleeping. Neither she is sure if she should close her eyes again and hope that the other person would leave while she’s sleeping or try to get out of the room herself as silently as possible.

(Maybe I should just go… The school might have already ended for tonight and I need to get to home.)

Yuriko moves her body forward slowly, but the grip on her waist tightens. She takes a big breath and turns her head trying to see the other person. The blue eyes stare back at her.


Shuu: “Don’t move. It’s bothersome.”

Yuriko: “I… I’m sorry… Shuu-san, but I need to go.”

Shuu: “No you don’t.”

Yuriko: “… but…”

Shuu: “First you come here, ask if you can sleep next to me and then fall asleep before I could answer. Now take responsibility and stay still until I tell you otherwise.”

Yuriko opens her mouth but doesn’t know what to say. She knows that she did something stupid but that doesn’t mean that Shuu can order her around. On the other hand, she has had hard time to keep her eyes away from him ever since she game in this school. This situation should be perfect, yet it feels a bit too intimate, because they don’t know each other well yet.

Yuriko: “Well, I’m sorry about that. Either way, I have to go home and get something to eat.”

(I’ve only eaten couple of takoyaki earlier today, but I left some in the fridge for Dad. He probably hasn’t eaten all of them, so if I just go home…)

Shuu: “Just be quiet and let me sleep.”

Yuriko: “No, I won’t. I’m cold.”

Shuu: “Well, I’m not, because you are here. So, it’s fine.”

Yuriko: “It’s not fine and this isn’t about you. I am hungry too, so let me go.”


The blue eyes narrow as Yuriko stares over her shoulder. She doesn’t back off because she knows she is right. Even though she came here on her own accord, Shuu had no right to hold her for a second longer she wants to. Consent, anyone?

Shuu: “How annoying… Which part of your stupid little brain didn’t catch; stay still or stay silent? Because you aren’t doing either.”

Yuriko tries to struggle in vain, but Shuu just holds her tighter. He presses his nose on her neck, which makes her stop moving. Shuu smells her.

Shuu: “… sweet…”

Yuriko: “What are you doing?!”

Shuu: “You woke me up and made me hungry because I had to deal with your struggling –“

Yuriko: “Then let’s get out of here and find some late-night snacks.”

Shuu: “Why bother when I had one right here? It’s only fair since what you put me through.”


Yuriko: “I didn’t put yo- AAHHRRHG!!!”


Shuu bites through Yuriko’s neck. His fangs break her fair skin and blood starts oozing out. The pain is terrible, and Yuriko tries to scream and struggle even more, but Shuu holds her tight and put his other hand over her mouth.

(What is this?! He isn’t just nibbling my skin but actually biting!)

Yuriko: “Iamh hurthhighh!”

The pain is numbing Yuriko’s body even though she wants to fight back. Shuu sucks blood through the bites he made, and his hungry gulps fills the air in the small storeroom.

(What he thinks he is? A vampire? Oh my gosh, this hurts so much!)



Ayato: “And don’t keep yours truly waiting or you’ll be my lunch instead, hehe…”

Ayato: “Yo, Chichinashi, don’t forget to bring the takoyaki! Yours truly is going to have his lunch tonight one way or another!”

Ayato: ”Ayato-sama, you mean. ‘I’m sorry, Ayato-sama. I let you suck my blood, please forgive me!’ That’s what you are saying, right, Chichinashi?”

~Flashback ends~


Yuriko: “Umhhh…!!!”

(Just let me go! Oh my god! Somebody, help me, please! My mind is going blank. Am I dying? HELP!)


Shuu: “This blood… so sweet…”

(What is he saying…? I don’t understand anymore…)

Shuu: “No way this is just regular human blood.”

Shuu withdraws his fangs and licks the blood from Yuriko’s skin. She is trembling in his arms and is paler than usual.

Shuu: “What are you?”

Shuu removes his hand away from Yuriko’s mouth. She gasps for air and cries but doesn’t answer his question. Her neck hurts and it’s hard to think anything at all. The room starts to fade to black.

Shuu: “Hey?”


(What… does… he… even… mean…)

Yuriko closes her eyes, and everything goes blank.


The river bends between trees as I look down once more. It’s full moon tonight and I’m feeling empty.

“You are here again,” someone says, and I turn around.

It’s the other white one.

“I come here every week”, I answer.

“I know, but this is the first time you speak to me. I’ve missed you so much.”

“Who are you?”

The white one shakes their head. Their fur is really beautiful as the moon lays its blue light over it. They have two tails and warm golden eyes.

“It’s not time for you to know yet. Right now, you need to wake up and help yourself… and then you need to awake the inner you too.”



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