The Hidden Amber: Chapter 05

Yuriko’s home, bathroom

 Yuriko stares herself from the mirror. Her gaze runs to her neck. She turns to her side and stares the marks on her skin. Bite marks, there is no doubt about it. The skin is sensitive… No, not sensitive, hurting. The marks are red and a bit swollen and Yuriko’s hair doesn’t cover them.

 (How am I supposed to go to school with these? Everyone will see that I’ve been bitten…)

 There is a cold lump in Yuriko’s stomach.  It’s hard to believe what happened but there is no denying that she’s been bitten… by Shuu.



 Yuriko opens her eyes and find herself in storeroom, which only light flickers. She is cold and her neck is hurting. Hurting really bad. When she sits up, her head starts to spin, and stars appears before her eyes.

 (Oh my gosh, what did happen?!)

 Yuriko rubs her temples and tries to steady her breathing. Earlier situation comes slowly back to her mind.

 (Shuu-san bit me?!! Like actually bit and sucked my blood! I know some people said that the Sakamakis are vampires, but I thought those were just some nasty rumors…)




 (Why did this happen? Why did he do this to me? And where is he now?)

 ~Flashback ends~

 (It did happen… it really did happen.)

 Tears start to run on Yuriko’s face. She can hide the marks at home, but she can’t add scarf to her school uniform. And who knows how long it takes the marks to heal!


 (There is no way telling this to Dad. He already thinks I’m good for nothing and don’t do anything right even though I’m just trying to survive. He’d probably just say that all of this is my own fault, because I shouldn’t have been sleeping in the storeroom in the first place.)

 Yuriko wipes the tears. She’s not going to cry. Crying solves nothing. No, she needs to find out, what’s going on. Or not.

 (I should stay away from Shuu-san.)

 Somehow the thought hurts even more than the swollen bite marks on her skin. This pain is different, though, it feels in the bottom of stomach and surges through body.

 (I don’t even know him that well. What is wrong with me? I shouldn’t care at all if I don’t see him ever again!)

 Yuriko nods to herself.

 (I. Do. Not. Care. I do not! I need to concentrate on my own things and finding out what happened to Mom.)

 Yuriko leaves the bathroom and go to her room to get dressed in pajamas. Her father has already left for work, and Yuriko should go to sleep, but she decides to sneak in her father’s study. It’s time to focus to the substantial things.

 The Sun is shining through the window and dust dances in the air of the study. Yuriko looks around her before walking to father’s desk. There is no laptop, he probably took it to the office with him.

 (But drawers might have something…)

 Yuriko crouches in front of the desk and opens the topmost drawer. It’s a mess. Papers with scribbles about father’s work, paper clips, pens and pencils and something sticky.

 (Eeehh… And he always tells me I don’t keep the house clean enough!)

 The other drawers are the same, full of needles stuff. Yuriko sighs and continues to the bookshelf. There are several old books and some records father used to listen when mother was still living with them.

 Yuriko goes through the selves when something catches her eyes. It’s a worn book behind the others. She pushes her hand between shelf and the books and grabs the hidden book. Its cover feels soft against her fingertips, and when she gets it out, she can smell faint odor of leather. The cover is dark blue with lighter dots where the leather has worn out. She peeks inside.

 (Mom’s handwriting! Oh my gosh, how I miss her!)


 Yuriko presses the book to her chest. No way she’s going to leave it with her father. Maybe there is something important about her mother in this book, and she has right to know. Too long father has kept everything in secret, but not anymore.

 Yuriko leaves the study and goes to her room. She knows that she should get sleep before the school, but this is way more important than sleeping. If she gets too tired again, she can always skip the classes… She just had to make sure not sleep anywhere near Shuu.

 (Shuu-san… No, I can’t keep thinking about him. What he did was totally wrong! He is more dangerous than he looks like.)

 Yuriko falls on her bed and opens the book. Looking the letters brings mother a bit closer and she cannot help the tears that start gather in the corners of her eyes once again.

  I thought I could get out. That I could live a normal live and forget everything about… our world. I really did. And many years it has been so. But after Yuuto was born, everything changed.

They took Yuuto away from us. I don’t think Keisuke will ever forgive me that. It was my fault; I shouldn’t have told my mother about a grandchild. Now we have Yuriko, and I have kept her secret. I’ll never tell my parents about her. She will live as a human, as should I till the day I will die.

Yuuto might be lost to my family, but I won’t lose Yuriko too.

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