The Hidden Amber: Chapter 06

Yuriko’s home, bedroom

In the afternoon Yuriko is crying mess. She has read her mother’s diary entirely and started from the beginning again. She is laying on her bed and has been unable to sleep or eat for whole day.

Yuriko: “It seems mom kept diary when I was born and she was sad, so sad all the time… She has written whole passages about Yuuto.”

Yuriko stares the name on the page. The name she hasn’t ever heard before. It’s a boy’s name… so, does that mean…


Yuriko: Do I have a big brother?

The diary doesn’t answer. Of course, it doesn’t. It’s just a book where her mother used to write. And the story isn’t complete. It’s more about mother’s feelings and thoughts and less about what was actually happening when Yuriko was a baby. It’s completely mystery why her parents have never talk about Yuuto and what happened to him.

(According to mom she had to give him away… maybe to her parents. That would mean that he is with my grandparents, but mom always said that they died long before I was born. Did she lie to me?)

The front door opens, and Yuriko hides the diary under her pillow. Father is early today! She closes her eyes and pretends to be asleep when he walks to her room and peeks inside.

(Maybe I should ask about Yuuto… but then again, we don’t really talk to each other. He probably doesn’t want to tell anything. It’s better trying to find things out on my own. Mom mentioned the forest nearby Kaminashi City couple of times. I can check if the school library has some information about that.)



Yuriko: In the end I didn’t get much sleep today either…

Yuriko yawns and crawls from the bed. She wanders to the bathroom and starts to prepare for the night. Her face is pale, and the bite mark is still visible on her neck, so she decides to use a large band aid to cover it.

(Okay, I had to classes today even though I’m tired… and then to the library on the lunch break.)

When Yuriko steps out of the bathroom, she sees her father dozing off on the sofa in the living room.

Yuriko: “I’m going to school.”

Father: “Have a safe day… night.”

(He didn’t even open his eyes…)

Yuriko quickly put shoes on, takes her school bag and leaves. The next morning cannot come too soon. When father leaves for work, she can visit his study again and look for another diary or some other clue about her mother or Yuuto, the mystery brother.



Yuriko walks into the school building and to her class yawning.

(I really need to get some sleep tomorrow. My sleeping pattern has gone into mess because all the things happening…)

The class sounds really tiring but it’s better than running into Shuu again. Yuriko steps inside her classroom and turns to her desk. She stops gasping.

Yuriko: “You gotta be kidding me…”

Shuu is sitting in his desk and listening to music with earbuds. His eyes are closed so he might be sleeping but Yuriko can’t be sure. She turns around and tries to leave but teacher enters the classroom and stares her.

Teacher: “Is there a problem, Tsukino-san?”

(Yes, yes, yes! There is a huge problem! There is no way I can sit next to Shuu who happened to bite me yesterday while we were both skipping the class.)

Yuriko: “No sir.”

Teacher: “Good. Now take your place. It’s nice to know that you and Sakamaki-san decided to honor us by being present for once.”

(But I have skipped the class just once!)


Yuriko nods and walks to her desk. Shuu opens one of his blue eyes and smirks as she sits down. She says nothing and tries to stare to the wall. Teacher starts the class but nothing he says reaches Yuriko’s ears. Her mind is too full of thoughts about mother… and about Shuu, even though she shouldn’t think about the latter. But is hard not to think about him when he yawns right next to her and makes her yawn too.

Shuu: “Ah… I’m going back to sleep. This class is boring tch…”

Yuriko: “Do as you wish. It is none of my business.”

(Why does he speak to me? He was really rude me when we first met and then he sucked my blood without even asking permission. It’s not that he respects me or anything. And why do I care? I shouldn’t care!)

Shuu: “Actually the desks are uncomfortable…”


Shuu lowers his voice and moves a bit closer to Yuriko who now turns to stare him.

Shuu: “Hey, come here and let me rest on your shoulder. I need a body pillow now…”


Yuriko: “You need what? Haven’t you done enough already?”

Shuu: “Do you really want cause a scene? To tell everyone what happened yesterday?”

Shuu grabs Yuriko, pulls her closer and then rest his head against her shoulder. His left hand loops around her waist and pushes her against him. Soon he seems to be asleep, but he still holds Yuriko as tightly as the night before.

Yuriko glances teacher but he doesn’t seem to care. Everybody pretends that they don’t see what Shuu is doing.

(It’s like he can do whatever he wants, and nobody says anything. Is it because he is… a vampire? Are they afraid?)

Shuu smells good but Yuriko tries to keep her mind busy. She thinks about mother and her diary, about Yuuto. Those are important things. Not Shuu.

Shuu: “You know… your blood tasted very sweet…”

Shuu’s low voice sails to Yuriko’s right ear and gives her goose bumps. Her heart starts to beat faster. She tenses in his grip.

Shuu: “Relax, I’m not going to bite you here… It’s too bothersome if you start to scream or something…”

Yuriko: “There is no way I let you bite me again. Not going to happen. Never.”

Shuu lets out a low laugh as Yuriko whispers him furiously. His breath tickles her ear, and she cannot help the shiver that travels through her body.

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