The Hidden Amber: Chapter 07

Ryoutei Academy, corridor


 (Phew, I managed to slip away from Shuu-san’s grasp. What was he even thinking? Doing something like that in the class! I hope he isn’t there after lunch hour! Now to the library.)

Yuriko wanders to the corridors but soon realizes that she has no idea where the library is. She’s been there earlier but school still feels like a maze.

???: “Well, well… Yuriko-chan~ I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Yuriko turns around to see, who is talking to her. She doesn’t recognize the voice, but the face is familiar. Still this boy shouldn’t be talking to her so casually… but on the other hand who isn’t. It seems they use all kinds of nicknames in this school does she liked it or not. But it’s still not as bad as in her previous school.

(Another Sakamaki… I don’t know his name, but he is one of Shuu-san’s younger brothers. I’ve seen him talking to many girls in school and hanging out with Ayato-kun.)


???: “I’m Laito Sakamaki~”

Laito winks to Yuriko. He has really beautiful green eyes and broad smile, but Yuriko only sees the fangs. How on earth she hadn’t noticed them earlier? Like… probably Ayato has fangs too!

(But… I didn’t think vampires existed… It’s still hard to believe but the bite marks on my neck tell another story.)

Laito: “Let me know if you need help with anything, especially with your body… nfu.”

(What the –? Is he –? With my body?! Oh my gosh!)

Yuriko: “Eeeeeh!! I… I don’t think… I need help… with my body, thank you!”

Yuriko blushes heavily and her heart starts to pound. Suddenly she wants to be anywhere else but here but somehow, she doesn’t get her legs moving.

(My heart! It almost hurts! I don’t want to get this flustered, but I can’t help myself. Oh gosh, I hope my face isn’t red… I need an excuse to get away. Oh yes, the library!)

Yuriko: “I was just looking for my way to library. I need to borrow some books for my essay.”


(White lies, best lies, maybe this helps me get out of this situation… He isn’t that kind of guy who spends his lunch break at library.)

Laito smirks to Yuriko and leans a bit closer. Too close since Yuriko can smell his sappy cologne.

(Or is he…?)

Laito: “Ahh, what’s the essay about? Maybe I can help you~”

(Eh? He wants to help me? If I just blabber something and bore him, maybe then he would leave me alone.) 

Yuriko: “That’s really nice of you! You are so kind, Laito-kun! The essay is about… about… a great historical person… I need to find some history books, so I can choose the person to write about…”

Laito: “Fufu, I know all about those ~ Right this way, Yuriko-chan ~”

Not sure if she likes the situation or not Yuriko follows Laito to the upstairs and to the library. Very quiet library. It was quiet earlier too. It doesn’t seem that students come here too often.


(I’m getting goosebumps. And would you, please, stop that jumping, heart? Just take it easy.)

Yuriko turns to look at Laito and forces smile on her face.

Yuriko: “Well, thank you, Laito-kun. I think I manage now by myself.”

Yuriko stresses the last two words, but Laito doesn’t seem to notice. He steps closer to her and smirks again. That sappy scent of his is kind of suffocating.

Laito: “I can think several ways how you can pay me back, Little Bitch.”

He tracks her jawline with his forefinger.

Yuriko: “What did you just call me?!”


(I can’t believe this! What’s wrong with these Sakamaki brothers?!)

Laito: “Nfu, you didn’t like that? I cannot say I didn’t like that high tone of your voice, though. I’d love to hear more of it.”

Yuriko takes a step back before turning around. She is about to run back to the corridor but suddenly Laito is in front of her again.

Yuriko: ”Kyaaah! How did you get –“

Laito smirks and steps closer but Yuriko runs deeper into library. She doesn’t get very far before he is right in front of her again. She backs up but hits her back to a bookshelf. His hand lands right next to her head as he leans in and smells her.


Laito: “Nfufu, I didn’t figure you’re such a pervert, Little Bitch. Shuu, huh?”

Yuriko blinks, swallows, and blinks again. What about Shuu? Has he been bragging at home how he bit her last night?

Laito: “His scent is all over you…”

Laito steps closer again and closes the space between them. His free hand rises, and slender fingers find Yuriko’s neck. She doesn’t have time to react before Laito has tugged off the band aid. Yuriko cries out as part of scab comes off too.

Laito: “Don’t worry, Little Bitch, I can fix that for you~”

Laito bends over Yuriko and presses his nose against her neck letting his hand rest on the curve of her neck and shoulder. Yuriko grabs his shoulder and pushes as hard as she can.

Yuriko: “Get off me!”

(I’m not going to let this happen again! I won’t allow it!)

Laito doesn’t even budge, but his laugh tremors on her skin.

???: “Oi, stop making such ruckus…”

Laito straightens himself and turns his head sideways to the window seat on the left. Yuriko’s gaze runs to the same direction, and she gasps.

Laito: “Jealous? Fufu~”

Yuriko: “Shuu-san?”

(When did he get here? I thought he stayed in the classroom as I sneak out… I did wander on corridors quite a while though…)

Laito’s fingers still move on Yuriko’s neck tracing her pulse, which is going wild. She tries to glue herself on the bookshelf but right now she would rather be anywhere else, even in her previous school.

When Shuu doesn’t bother to answer neither of them, Laito turns back to Yuriko and bends towards her ear.

Laito: “That sweet scent of your blood… it really turns me on, Little Bitch~”


Yuriko: “Kyaahh! Just let me go!!!”

Yuriko lifts her knee very quickly without a thought. It hits the area, which makes Laito growl. His green eyes turn darker and a low grunt sails to Yuriko’s ears.

Laito: “That was a mistake. You have a death wish?”

His voice isn’t high pitched anymore but very low and intimidating. It freezes Yuriko on place even though she knows that she should run while she can. But her legs are shaking and heart beating way too fast her mind incapable to realize that everything is really happening.

As Laito bends over her again and is about to pierce her neck with his fangs a shriek escapes from Yuriko’s lips. She hears just barely the deep sigh from the window seat, and seconds after Laito flies away from her. He growls with a low voice to Shuu, who is now between him and Yuriko. She stares Shuu’s back not believing her eyes.

Laito: “Not willing to share? Nfufu~”

Shuu: “Take your shit elsewhere, so I can sleep in silence.”

Laito: “Then you don’t mind if I take that Little Bitch with me? Fufu…”

Yuriko swallows and tries to hide behind Shuu’s back though it might not be a good idea. But if she had to choose, she’d stay here with Shuu rather than leaves with Laito.

Shuu: “Whatever. Take her for all I care.”


Yuriko: “Shuu-san, please…”

Shuu glances Yuriko. There is something in his eyes, for a moment he doesn’t seem as lazy as usual.

Yuriko: “… I don’t want to go with him.”

(… and I can’t run from him on my own. It seems no matter how fast I am, I can’t outrun Laito-kun…)

Shuu sighs heavily and turns his back to Yuriko again to face Laito.

Shuu: “You heard her. Just leave. I don’t want hear any more pointless screaming.”

Silence spreads in the library. Yuriko can hear her own heart beating fast. Her legs are still shaking, and she’s pretty sure she won’t be standing for long now. Laito stares Shuu but suddenly decides to leave. Shuu lets out yet another sigh.

When Laito disappears Yuriko’s legs decide it’s time to give in. She falls to the floor and tries to steady her jumping heart.

Yuriko: “Thank you, Shuu-san, thank you!”

(If he hadn’t been here…)


Shuu: “I don’t recall giving you permission to leave the classroom.”

Yuriko: “Huh?”

Shuu: “I was using you as a pillow, but you left to come here. To seduce my little brother, it seems. Aren’t you lewd, hah?”

(What?! His brother was harassing me!)

Yuriko: “I can’t belie- “

Shuu crouches in front of her and grabs her chin with his cool fingers. He lets his fingers travel down her neck until they touch the bite mark. Yuriko twitches as the pressure makes the mark hurt again.

Shuu: “That blood of yours…”

Even though Yuriko pushes her both hands to Shuu’s shoulders it’s no use as Shuu leans closer and breaks the skin of her neck again. Her screams which he said he didn’t want to hear are now filling the library.


Shuu: “Heeh, sweet… Moan for me. Huh… this blood… there is really something in it…”

And that’s the last sentence Yuriko hears. Her mind goes blank, and she sinks into the darkness.

 “So, you came again.”

“I have a feeling it’s still early. I shouldn’t be sleeping,” Yuriko says and looks the white one straight in its’ golden yellowish eyes.

“You are about to wake… I don’t know why but you’re finally changing. I’ve been waiting for this so many years.”

“You have? Why?”

“Because you’re like me. We should be together… always, not just in your dreams.”

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