The Hidden Amber: Chapter 08

 ”What do you mean I’m like you?” Yuriko asks.

“Well… just look at yourself.”

Yuriko tries to do just that. She is the same as always in this dream; white fur, soft white tail and four paws. The white one is the same except it has two tails.

“You should stop call me that.”

“But I haven’t…”

“Then you should stop thinking so loudly.”

Yuriko sits down and swallows. Her tail curls around her paws. The night is dark and cold, much darker than it used to be. It’s like darkness is consuming this place slowly.

“It’s because I’m not too happy with you right now.”


“You went back to that bloodsucker who has already hurt you once.”

Oh gosh! Shuu! Somehow the white one knows about him, maybe about Laito too. That’s really embarrassing!

“It’s not that I chose to…!”

The white one snorts. It’s golden gaze pierces through Yuriko.

“That’s what they always say… ‘I didn’t choose to; he was forcing me’. It’s a lame excuse.”



The white one doesn’t make any sense and sounds too aggressive of Yuriko’s liking. She used to think that it was a kind animal friend from her dreams but now that it can talk…


“Excuse me?”

“It’s really rude to refer me as ‘it’. I’m a person, not a thing.”

“Oh? I’m sorry, I just…”

Yuriko lowers her head before laying to the ground. Grass under her is a bit moist and emanates coldness to her stomach. The white one snorts to her again.

“Okay. Listen now. I’m sure he’ll take you somewhere now that he’d tasted your blood. It’s addictive to his kind, so it’s up to you to escape. I can’t help you yet. I need to wait that father will find that gate and open it for me. Then I’m coming for you.”

Yuriko blinks. There is so much she doesn’t understand.

“Say that again?”

She sees how the white one opens his mouth but can’t hear him anymore. The forest begins to disappear…


Ryoutei Academy, library

???: “Oi!”

Yuriko gasps for air and opens her eyes. Her head feels very light, and her neck is hurting again. The blue orbs stare her back when she starts to realize her surroundings.


Shuu: “How come you faint so easily? I didn’t take that much… It’s troublesome.”

(Well, excuse me for fainting when you bit me!)

Yuriko would like to scream to Shuu, but she keeps her mouth shut. It might not be a good idea to yell at him while laying at the floor. Except… it doesn’t feel like the floor. She tries to sit up, but Shuu is a bit too close.

Yuriko: “The window seat…”

Shuu: “You should thank me. I was kind enough to carry you here.”

(If you haven’t bitten me, you wouldn’t needed to…)

Shuu: “What’s with that blood of yours…?”

Yuriko: “It’s addictive to your kind…”

Shuu: “What?”

Yuriko claps a hand over her mouth. The words that the white one used! Was it… he right? How come Yuriko’s blood could be addictive to vampires? She hadn’t heard stories about human blood being addictive. Surely it must be tasty for vampires, but… why would it be…? But maybe she could use this piece of information…

Yuriko: “Anyway… because it’s addictive to you, you should stay away from me.”

Shuu: “Heeh? Then you shouldn’t have offered yourself to me in the first place. That was very lewd of you… Makes me think that maybe you like being bitten.”

Suddenly the heat rises to Yuriko’s cheeks. They are burning and her heart starts to beat fast again. Shuu leans in, he is close. Too close! Yuriko hasn’t ever been this close to any boy and now… both Shuu and Laito… eehhhwww!

Shuu: “I can’t say I don’t like that… flustered face of yours.”

Yuriko: “I… I didn’t… offered… myself… to you. To anybody!”

Shuu: “Then why I remember you crawling next to me in that storeroom?”

Yuriko: “That was not…!”

Shuu leans even closer. His hair brushes Yuriko’s hot cheek as he reaches for her ear.

Shuu: “Your heart… it beats so fast. Are you already aroused by the thought of my fangs on your neck?”

Even though Yuriko had thought she couldn’t get any hotter and more bothered, her cheeks begin burn even more. Her heart is trying to jump out of her chest and blood is rushing so loudly she can almost hear it herself.

Yuriko: “I totally am not!


Yuriko pushes her hands against Shuu’s chest, but he doesn’t budge any more than earlier. A hot laugh brushes her ear.

Yuriko: “Let me go!”

Shuu: “Heeh? Playing hard to get after you lured Laito here together with you?”

Yuriko: “I didn’t… lure him! He just…!”

Why had Shuu say those kinds of things? Yuriko wants to turn into dust and drop into cracks between the floorboards.

Yuriko: “Just stop it! I came here… to…”

But her mind is going blank. She can’t recall why it was so important to her to come to the library. It has something to do with mother but… Why is it so hard to think right now? She can smell Shuu’s kind of lemon like scent way too well. He isn’t sappy like Laito, this scent is actually pleasant as it lingers around her. She kind of likes it even though she knows she shouldn’t. Why has Shuu captivated her mind in this way? She should be running right now and yet she is still laying on the window seat under him.

Shuu: “Heh? Whatever…”

Shuu straightens himself and yawns looking tired and lazy again.

Shuu: “It would be too bothersome if you faint again anyway… Leave if you want to. I’m going to sleep.”

He lays down other side of the window seat and closes his eyes as if nothing ever happened. Yuriko sits up and sighs staring at him at the same time. She has no idea what is going on. There is definitely something wrong with her. She should be more scared and hate Shuu for what he has done to her, but she cannot bring herself to hate him. Something in his eyes caught her in the first day… night in this school.

(Could it be… if my blood is addictive to his kind, would his bites be addictive to my kind? Whatever my kind is…)

Yuriko stands up slowly. The library is still quiet but quick glance to the clock on wall tells her that the last period is almost over. So, she ended up skipping again… with Shuu. If she doesn’t get her act together soon, she’ll be back on her old habits and in trouble with her father. Now it’s just better to go home and get some sleep, but tomorrow night… She’ll do better. She’ll go to the classes, won’t skip any of them.

Shuu: “One more thing…”

Yuriko turns to look at Shuu even though she was about to leave the library.

Yuriko: “Yes?”

Shuu: “Your blood… it’s mine now. Don’t even think about share it with anyone else, especially not with my brothers.”


The said blood rushes to Yuriko’s cheeks once again. She turns her back to Shuu and marches to the door of the library.

Yuriko: “My… my blood… It is mine!”

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