His Insatiable Possession

Coauthor: Goldazu
Rating: R18 (eventually)
Ship: YuRuki (Ruki x OC)
Summary: After failing her third year Yuriko Tsukino was transferred to Ryoutei Academy. Little did she know what awaited her there. She wanted nothing more than get good grades and graduate while looking for her missing mother, but one papercut on her finger was enough to turn her fate upsidedown when the honor student of their class took a sudden interest of her (blood). 
Content warning: This fic will have explicit content true to the games and other DL media. 

I've made Yuriko's avatars with this Picrew editor and (SPOILER ALERT) her other form with this Picrew editor. I've also used official art from the games. Edits are my own. Backgrounds are from the orinal game art, Ruki's sprites are also from the games. Some are edited by Goldazu, some by me.



The Early Chapters

Chapter 02

Chapter 03

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