The Hidden Amber: Prologue

 I was so lost and lonely…

I made lots of mistakes, but I was trying to do the right thing.

This time things will be different. I will be different. I keep my head down and mind my own business.

Dad doesn’t need to be ashamed of me ever again. I promise that. I just hope that one day he looks me in the eyes and tell me he loves me… and mom, even though she is away.

I have to believe that everything will be alright one day.

I have to…

Ryoutei Academy


(I cannot believe I’m actually here. This school is so big!)

Yuriko yawns.

(And I’m so tired. Why there isn’t normal school in this city? Or is there? Dad said that this is my punishment for being shameful and lazy daughter. I have to remember that it was all my fault he needed to find a new job and we had to move here.)

Yuriko walks inside.


(Wow! I really like this building. It seems so nice and old-fashioned. I just wish I wasn’t this tired… Okay, I need it keep it together. No standing out or anything. This time I keep my mouth shut and go to my classes. Soooo… I’m on third grade. Where is my class?)

Yuriko walks further inside the school and tries to figure her way to the class. Every corridor look the same and soon she has no idea where she is.

(I guess, I need to ask someone. There is a guy laying beside the window. Maybe he knows the way…)

Yuriko walks to the guy who seems to be sleeping.

(But no one sleeps at school, right? Oh, he has earplugs… Can he actually hear me?)

Yuriko: “Um… hello?”

???: ”…”

Yuriko: ”Excuse me, I’m new here and looking for my class. I just transferred to the third year and… well, got lost. Could you help me find my way, please?”

??? opens his blue eyes and stares Yuriko. There is no feelings shown in his gaze.


???: “What makes you think I want to get up and show you around?”

Yuriko: “Oh… I’m sorry I guess…”


(He is kind of rude… but then again… Maybe he is going through some hard stuff. I turned out rude and didn’t show up to my classes back in my previous school, because of bullying and stuff. I can’t know how he’s doing. And maybe I was rude too? Didn’t tell my name and started asking questions…)

Yuriko: “I really am sorry! I didn’t mean to bother you. I just get lost easily and don’t know my way around here. But it was rude of me to ask you anything before even telling my name. So, I’m sorry. My name is Yuriko Tsukino. Nice to meet you.”

???: “If you don’t have anything else to say, I’m going to continue sleeping.”

(Shouldn’t he be going to his class too?)

??? turns his back to Yuriko and seems actually be asleep.

Yuriko: Alright. But just let me know if you need help with anything. See you around!

Yuriko walks away from the guy and the window. She turns to yet another corridor that looks like all the others.

(This school is a maze. My teacher is going to be so mad at me and it’s my first day, but I cannot help it, if I don’t know where to go.)

Yuriko continues walking until she sees another guy.

(Oh, he seems smart with those glasses and everything. I’m sure he can help me out. I just need to remember introducing myself this time…)


Yuriko: “Hello there! You seem a nice person. I just transferred here and my name is Yuriko Tsukino. I’m looking for my class but got lost. Could you help me out, please? I’m third year’s student.”

The guy looks Yuriko and smiles.


???: “I’m Reiji Sakamaki. Come with me, I show you the way.”

Yuriko: “Thank you so much, Reiji-san. I was right that you are a nice person.”

Yuriko follows Reiji to the classroom’s door and thanks him again for his help. Reiji brushes its off and leaves for his own class.

(How nice of him. But I need to remember the way here. I can’t be a burden to everyone else.)

Yuriko steps inside the classroom and says hello to the teacher, who asks her to introduce herself the class.

Yuriko: “Um… hello everyone! My name is Yuriko Tsukino. I moved to Kaminashi city with my dad couple weeks ago and transferred to Ryoutei Academy. I hope we all will get along together well.”

Yuriko bows and turns her gaze to the teacher.

Teacher: “Thank you, Tsukino-san. You can sit the empty seat over there next to Sakamaki-san… Oh, he isn’t here. Does anyone know what Sakamaki-san is up again?”

Nobody answers to teacher but Yuriko notices that there is an odd atmosphere in the class now that Sakamaki is mentioned.

Teacher: “Well, anyway, take the empty seat, Tsukino-san.”

Yuriko rushes to the seat and tries to look like she knows what she is doing. Teacher turns around and starts the lecture but is interrupted by the knock from the door. The door opens and a blond girl peaks inside.

Teacher: “Yes, Komori-san? Are you lost?”

Komori: “No, sensei. Um… Reiji-san told me to find Shuu-san and bring him here… so…”

Teacher sighs.

Teacher: “Sakamaki-san, you should get here by yourself and not to bother your kouhai.”

The Komori girl pulls a guy inside the classroom and Yuriko notices that he is the same guy who was sleeping by the window. So they are in the same class!

Komori: “There you go, Shuu-san. Just sit there and be a good student every once in a while. I need to get to my own class.”

Shuu stops next Yuriko and stares her.

Shuu: “That’s my seat.”

Yuriko blushes, stands up really quickly and slips the next seat.

(Oh no, I got to his bad side again!)

Yuriko: “I’m really sorry, Shuu-san.”

Shuu sits down and lowers his head to the table before closing his eyes.

Shuu: “Just don’t bother me again.”

Yuriko nods even though Shuu cannot see that. She cannot help but look him. His blond hair is kind of messy, but she is sure it would feel nice if she touched it. Not that she is going to do that.

(I just need to keep my distance. I don’t want any problems anymore. I have enough already with dad and figuring out what happened to my mom. I just try to survive in this school without any accidents…)




Can I find my place here? Is there place for me anywhere?


Sometimes I just feel so lonely and sad but I have to keep smiling no matter what. I can do this. I will be a better person.

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