Diabolik Lovers

Diabolik Lovers -peleihin pohjautuvia ficcejä. Tällä hetkellä pelattuna Haunted Dark Bridal ja More, Blood on vaiheessa. Keskityn lähinnä omiin suosikeihini, mutta teen tilaustöitä myös muista hahmoista. Osa ficeistä on suomeksi, osa englanniksi.
My Diabolik Lovers fanfics. I've played Haunted Dark Bridal and am currently playing More, Blood. I write fanfics mostly about my favorite boys but I also take commissions. Some of the stories are in Finnish, some in English.

Pelisarja sisältää rajuja teemoja, jotka näkyvät myös tarinoiden sisällössä. Sinua on nyt varoitettu kaikesta. Älä lue, jos et halua törmätä mm. suostumuksen puutteeseen, vereen ja puremiseen.
These games have intense themes, so consider yourself warned about everything and anything. If you aren't comfortable with triggering topics and nsfw, don't read these, please.
Rating: R18
Ship: SubaYui
Summary: Subaru has invited Yui to his room. There is no return from this night. Translation from Kokonaan minun.

Rating: R18
Ship: Shuu x reader
Summary: You and Shuu have entered a university that offers night lectures. But Shuu does not seem to be particularly enthusiastic about the situation. At least before he figures out how to entertain himself during lectures.
Rating: R18
Ship: Ruki x reader
Summary: A couple of weeks before Ruki's coronation you two are ready to set down on your new castle and the bedroom. Your master is about to become your king as if he doesn't get enough kicks from being the master.
Rating: R18
Ship: Ruki x OC
Summary: Eve stayed with the Sakamakis and Ruki’s life had lost its meaning… but then new livestock appeared. The one whose blood smelled almost as intoxicating as Eve’s even though that shouldn’t have been possible. Ruki decided to make her his possession.
Paritus: Subaru x lukija
Kuvaus: Sakamakien kartanossa ei näkynyt väläystäkään joulusta edes jouluaattoiltana, kun katselit ulos olohuoneen ikkunasta. Ilta oli vain yksi muiden joukossa, kunnes joku kirjaimellisesti repi sinut ulos talosta.

Kokonaan minun

Ikäraja: K-18
Paritus: Subaru x Yui
Kuvaus: Subaru on kutsunut Yuin huoneeseensa. Tästä yöstä ei ole paluuta.
Ship: Subaru x reader
Summary: There wasn’t even a hint of Christmas in the Sakamaki mansion when you looked out from the living room window on Christmas Eve. The night was just one among others, until someone literally teared you out of the house. Translation of Joulu tässä ja nyt.
Rating: R18 (eventually)
Ship: Shuu x OC
Summary: After failing her third year Yuriko Tsukino was transferred to Ryoutei Academy. Little did she know what awaited her there. She wanted nothing more than get good grades and graduate while looking for her missing mother. But it was the boy from the next desk who actually held the power of reveal all the secrets.

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