Entirely Mine

Rating: R18
Ship: SubaYui
Summary: Subaru has invited Yui to his room. There is no return from this night.

Yui's gaze wanders around my ruined room. Does she really think I invited her here to clean up after me? How stupid can she be? It is impossible to understand her.

Yui pokes at the pile of wrecked stuff in front of her with her toe.

I didn't invite you here for that!

Yui does not understand. Can that be an act? I think I have made my intentions clear to her already. Maybe she is just trying to tease me. Forcing me to say it out loud. Could she be that devious? It is hard to believe, but...


I am moving faster than Yui can see. I am in front of her in the blink of an eye. I grab her hips and neck before I swing her to the carpet. Gently, so she does not hurt her head. I squeeze my hands around her wrists and meet the stare of dilated pupils. This close, I can smell her blood. The scent wafts through her skin, calling to me.

"You know a man doesn't call a woman to him at this time of day for any other reason than one."

A vague exclamation escapes Yui's lips, followed by a loud gulp. Maybe she finally understands.

"To suck blood?"


"Well... you just want to tease me?"

"Also, wrong."

A blush creeps up Yui's cheeks, and her heart starts beating faster. I press my fingers to the carpet to avoid pushing aside her blonde curls and sink my teeth into the pulsing back of her neck.

"You know, don't you?"

I lean closer to Yui's face. Her lips are parted, the scent of toothpaste wafting between them. My nose brushes her cheek casually as I approach her ear.

Stay calm. Do this right.

Yui gasps, her heart pounding harder as her blood rushes hot and intoxicating. I press my mouth near to her ear.

"See how you react?"

I squeeze Yui's wrists tighter against the carpet. I am careful not to hurt her but keep my grip tight as I press my body against hers. My cheeks grow redder, and my breathing tightens. How can anyone's heart beat so fast? A new scent wafts up my nose, one that Yui can barely smell herself yet. I like it almost as much as the seduction of her blood.

Yui nibbles at her lower lip so hard I am afraid she'll break it. I know I will not be able to control myself if that happens. The taste of her blood... I can already feel it on my tongue. It has burned an eternal mark on me, and nothing can taste as tasty again. I smile inevitably.

As I lift my head, Yui moves beneath me and looks directly into my eyes. She cannot escape, cannot get away from me, no matter how much she tries. But her muscles relax, and her breathing becomes more even. A little.

"You're not going to resist?"

Answer to me. Answer.

"No, because that's what men and women are supposed to do."

I get the hottest feeling ever. It awakens every cell in my body and triggers a reaction that Yui also feels. Her cheeks turn redder and redder, even though I did not think it was possible anymore.

"I don't think you really understand why I'm doing this. I'm about to change your essence permanently. Do you understand?"

Yui nods. She thinks she does, but she does not. I am not a...

"I'm going to devour you. Got it?"

The last words come out louder than I intended. Yui nods again. Idiot. Why is she so compliant now? I remind her of the time she tried to refuse everything. The moment when she could have turned around and left.

"When I got to know you, I was glad I chose you. That's why... I have no regrets, even if I change."

Yui's voice is delicate and shaky, yet it has a stability that I can only pursue to. I still do not think she is fully aware of what is happening.

You don't know your own good. Fuck. Why do I have to explain everything?

"Once you’ve been laid by me, you can't go back to the way you were. Now that you know that are you ready to give up your God?"

"I'm not giving up anything. I believe in God, and to this day I still don't really understand vampires. I'm just... interested in you."

Interested in me?

That is not what I wanted to hear.

Shit. It’s enough.

Tonight's the night. Yui's not resisting this time, so...

"I don't believe in God, and humans are just prey. I don't understand you," I say. Yui's eyes darken a little. "However, you... are just you."

I let go of Yui's wrists, and she raises her hands to her chest as if to protect herself from harm. From me. Her heart is pounding so hard I am half afraid she's going to burst. The breath that wipes my face is surprisingly hot, and her another scent even stronger. Yui is so warm, small and soft. She is everything I am not, and I am going to pull her to my level. Tonight, she is all mine.

"Can I kiss you?"

The whisper remains hoarse. Yui nods. Dark lashes fall on reddish cheeks. I grab Yui's wrists again, but this time I lift her arms around me before sliding my fingers through her hair. Such soft curls.

"Subaru-kun... please... say my name..." Yui whispers against my lips.

Damn. I have to say it. Yui deserves to hear it. Not just her name, but the truth.

"Yui... I love you."

Yui's heart leaps at my words. She rises and returns my kiss. Really responds. She purses her lips and lets me slip my tongue into her mouth. My teeth are on fire with the urge to smash into her bottom lip, but I restrain myself and concentrate on everything else. The warmth beneath me, the rush of her blood in her veins, the taste of her mouth. The small tongue that responds to the touch of my own. To the toothpaste.

Damn it. I'll have to get her a different flavor of toothpaste.

I think of that damn toothpaste as my hand wanders away from Yui's hair. I run my finger down her neck, which is filled with multiple bite marks. Mine. Every single one. No one else's. Never anyone else’s, for only I have the right. Everything in Yui belongs to me alone.

Yui flinches as I run my hand down her side and slip it under her shirt. She is so delicate; I could crush her like an eggshell if I used more force. She would break in my grip and never be the same again.

I have to do this right. I have to.

Such warm skin. The trembling skin under my fingers as I run my hand up under her shirt. I reach for the breasts covered by the bra, small but soft. Yui whines against my mouth as I squeeze. She evokes the kind of arousal inside me that only she can. My tongue rubs against her tongue, and all I want to do is devour her completely.

I don't bite. I won't bite. I won't bite. I won't bite now.

Tiny fingers pressed against my neck. I let my other hand wander to the waist of her shorts and pull away from the kiss.

"May I?" I ask, my lips just a few millimeters from Yui's. Her swallow echoes in my ears.


I bring one hand to the waist of her shorts and start to pull the garment lower. Yui's hands release my neck and press against the carpet. She lifts her hips, and something warm slips into my stomach.

Yui lets me do this?

I throw the shorts away, and Yui sits up. Her hands shake, but she grabs the hem of her shirt anyway. I cannot help but gulp as I watch the movement. I have seen her almost naked before, but there is something different about this moment. Something special. I do not tell her that, because she must know it too.

Why am I not surprised that Yui's panties and bra are pink cotton? They are both adorned with a little bow. I grab the hem of my own shirt and slip the garment over my head. Yui's cheeks flush red again, and I cannot help but wonder how she has enough blood in her to blush after all that sucking.

I want more. Always more.

Yui raises her hand. I do not move as she lowers it to my chest and brushes my skin. The touch radiates everywhere.

Is it possible to explode from tenderness?

I fall forward and press Yui against the carpet again. My hand runs back and forth along her right side. I love every moan that escapes her lips. I press my own lips against her neck and suck. I do not bite. Not now. I kiss the skin and move lower, to the collarbone. I follow the line with my tongue, and Yui shivers beneath me. I wait for her to say no, but when she does not, I let my tongue slide lower until I hit the cup of her bra.

I move the straw and grab the edge of the cup. I glance at Yui's face. Her eyes blink wildly as she nods, but I dare to pull the cloth under her breast. The little nipple rises as I blow towards it. What would it be like to sink my teeth right next to it?

Not tonight.

I slick the nipple with the tip of my tongue, and Yui's yelp makes my stomach bubble. Her fingers squeeze the carpet as if seeking support.

My right hand goes to Yui's lower abdomen. I rotate my index finger over the belly button before sliding my fingers down to the waist of her panties. Yui stiffens beneath me, and I glance at her flushed face. When there is still no denial, I slip my hand under the fabric of the panties. Soft hairs brush my palm. I do not stop at them but head lower.

Moist. Yui is moist. So warm, hot in fact.

My fingers sink into the wetness, which squishes at the slightest movement. My trousers have never been so tight, but I do nothing about it. No, because Yui squeals when I move my fingers back and forth in her wetness. When I run my index finger over her little pearl, her back arch and the squeak turns to a moan. I repeat the movement with the same effect and smile against her chest.

You like this, don't you? Maybe even more than the kisses.

I keep going and focus on Yui's every sound. Her scent fills the room, fills me. Her warmth soaks into me and makes me shiver too. She is mine, she surrenders to my touch in a way she has never surrendered before.

So slick and hot. My finger literally slips inside Yui, even though I did not mean to. Her eyes flutter open and stare straight at me the same moment she squeezes around my finger.

I want... I need to... This feeling. Fuck.

Another finger. I do not ask permission; I push it inside Yui as well. Her breathing stops for a moment and then picks up again. Heartbeats are ringing in my ears. I move my fingers back and forth. Moistness sticks to my hand.

This is not enough.

"Suba... Subaru-kun?"

"Yui... I... Damn!"

"You can do it. I'm not... afraid if you do it, Subaru-kun."

Everything stops. I stare at Yui. She is serious. An unblinking expression, eyes that look at me. Only me. Vowing.

She's mine. All mine. Tonight.

Moisture soaks her panties as I pull my fingers inside Yui. I grab the garment, and the fabric cracks in my hands. Whatever.

I do not know where the underwear ends up. My own pants and socks follow. Yui's gaze trickles down my body, her face flushes and quickly turns the other way, but... she is smiling. She glances me again. She holds out her hand. A tight lump curls at the bottom of my stomach. Fingers come towards me. Shaking, hot fingers. The index finger runs along my manhood.

I will explode. I'm about to explode right now.

I put my hand on Yui's thigh and push it aside. She does not resist but sinks back onto her back on the carpet and stops touching me. You could have touched me longer. I lower myself on top of her and grab my shaft. Yui's wetness is so soft and hot. She places her hands to my shoulders as I slowly press deeper.

Fuck. So tight. I need to... Just a little more.

Yui is whining to my ear. Her nails press into the skin of my back. Scratching but not making the other feeling go away. She squeezes me and relaxes again. Squeezes again. I pull back and push deeper again. I sink. Harder and harder. I need to have more. Always more. This sound... Yui’s sighing and the damp sound that is meant only for my ears.

Yui turns her head to the side. Her throat vein throbs right next to my lips. The buzzing echoes through her skin. So hot. Radiant. Tempting. She seduces, calls me. Offers herself in every possible way.

Everything disappears. There is only Yui. I thrust as deep as I can and press into her the moment my teeth pierce her skin. Blood rushes into my mouth and spreads down my chin. I suck, suck, suck. I am in deep inside. So deep, and Yui pulses around me as her blood trickles down my throat. I am in her. She is in me.

This taste. This feeling. Yui.

My whole body stiffens. The hot coil in my lower abdomen explodes into pieces, spreading all the way to my fingertips and toes.


Blood on my neck. Blood on my chin. Me in Yui. I collapse on top of her, and something hot rises in the corner of my eye. Something wet.

"I love you... Subaru-kun."

Just a whisper. Yui’s whisper. This is all I need. Just her.

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