Finger Play by Shuu

Rating: R18 
Ship: Shuu x reader
Summary: You and Shuu have entered a university that offers night lectures. But Shuu does not seem to be particularly enthusiastic about the situation. At least before he figures out how to entertain himself during lectures.

You cover the yawn with your hand and try to concentrate on listening to the lecture. The auditorium is packed with students, but the lights are dimmed as the professor is showing a slide show on the day's topic. You glance at the texts and try to pick up the main points in your notes, but your eyes wander to your left. The semester has only just begun, and you cannot help but get excited at the thought that you have made it to a university that offers classes at night. Even better, you convinced Shuu to apply with you and you both got in, even though Shuu found the whole idea pointless and inconvenient.

Shuu sits next to you at the back of the auditorium. He leans his chin on his left hand and twirls a pen with his right. His eyes are glued to the professor, but not a line has been written in his notes. As always, you see the ear bud in his ear. He is probably listening to music instead of a lecture. You refrain from pointing it out, knowing that he can hear the professor's speech over the music. Still, sometimes you wish Shuu would at least try to pretend to be interested in ordinary things. On the other hand, he agreed to study for you. Maybe that is enough.

Blue eyes turn to you and bore through you. The other corner of his mouth rises in a smirk. You half expect Shuu to say something, but he returns his gaze to the front of the auditorium. A cold feeling runs from your chest to your stomach. Why? You do not know yourself. It should be good that Shuu is concentrating on the lecture, even if he is not taking notes. He does not need to focus on you right now.

You return your gaze to the lecture, and I start taking more notes. That is what you are here for. You want a degree one day. You must think about the future, you cannot just hang around all day, although Shuu would be perfectly fine with that. As you lean closer to your notes, your hair falls as curtains on both sides of your face, enclosing you in your own bubble where you can concentrate in peace. You finally begin to catch up with the professor's train of thought and jot down sentences at an accelerating pace.

Something cool touches your left knee and makes you flinch. You do not turn your head, but glance to the side through your free-hanging hair. Shuu has put his pen on the desk, but otherwise seems absorbed in the lecture. He still leans his left hand on his cheek. His right hand has wandered off somewhere under a clipboard. Meanwhile, a cool touch moves from your knee to your thigh, under the hem of your skirt.

You try to wriggle away, but the student sitting next to you glances at you and furrows his eyebrows. Heat rushes to your cheeks. You force your gaze to the front of the auditorium as you clutch a pen in your hand. The fingers creep higher and higher up your thigh, sliding between your legs and brushing the sensitive surface of your inner thighs where Shuu bit the night before. You press your teeth against your lower lip to keep the moan from escaping your mouth as the tender spot responds to the touch with a wave of light pain that shivers up your thigh.

The fingers reach for your underpants and skim the fabric. You force your gaze to stay on the professor and press your pen against the notebook. You are not going to let Shuu win. You can write notes despite his silly game. You have better concentration than he thinks.

A finger runs along the surface of your underpants between your legs, pressing the fabric into the slit. Slides lower, lower, and back up again. You try to keep your breathing as steady as possible, but very soon you find it adjusting to the steady movement of the finger. Shuu takes his time, moving his finger as slowly as he can. Each time, the fabric presses deeper between your legs. The finger presses against your clit and rubs the fabric against it, and you are unable to help the breath that escapes your mouth.

The fabric of your panties starts to get wetter and gets stuck in your slit. You would like to stick your hand up your skirt and plucking the fabric away from your skin, but you restrain yourself and draw a circle in your notes. Hot flushes ache in your thighs and lower abdomen as you try to force them to subside. As your pulse quickens, you can almost imagine Shuu's lips turning up in another grin. You shoot a sideway glance at him, but he does not look at you, seemingly focused on the lecture.

At the same time, the fingers move the fabric of your panties aside and slip into your wetness. A cool index finger runs over your pearl, and you bite your bottom lip again. The fingers move lower and twirl around your opening. The dripping moisture greets them. You slither against Shuu's fingers, no matter how hard you try to stay calm.

Your heart begins to pound against your chest as the heat rises from your belly to your chest and finally up your neck to your cheeks. You glance to your right, but the student sitting next to you looks at least as focused on the lecture as Shuu. But you the sound of your wetness and cannot help wondering who else can hear it.

One of the fingers thrusts inside you and slips out again. Your muscles stiffen, and you squeeze the pen in your hand tighter and tighter. You cannot draw the next circle as the finger slips into your wetness again, this time deeper. You hold your breath. The finger moves back and forth, slowly. You hate yourself for wanting to press against it or grab Shuu's hand and force him to pick up the pace.

The finger is joined by another. A damp sound makes your hand flicker, the pen slips from your grip and clatters to the writing pad. The person right to you sighs. You force an apologetic smile to your lips at the same moment Shuu thrusts a third finger inside you. Your back threatens to arch and you struggle to stay in place. Shuu's fingers strike the most sensitive spot inside you. The one he found long ago and knows how to use against you in just such totally inappropriate situations.

You stare ahead of you and raise a hand to your mouth. You pretend to yawn, but you have to press your hand tighter against your mouth as the thumb presses against your clit. A twist, another, a third. Shuu's thumb dances on your pearl in just the right way to make your insides pulse. Moisture just oozes out of you, staining Shuu's hand.

The rhythm of the fingers inside you accelerates. The fingertips press into the most sensitive spot, and the thumb never stops dancing. It is impossible to breathe calmly. You gasp for air behind your hand and struggle not to make the slightest sound. Your fingernails leave marks on your cheek as you fight against the sigh, no, the gasp. Your insides pulse with the rhythm of Shuu's thumb movements. Your eyelids threaten to squeeze shut and your head bends back. You are forced to keep your eyes open and your body still. A moan rises in your throat, but you snap your mouth shut.

"Lewd woman, you want to cum here and now in front of everyone," Shuu whispers in your ear.

An explosion erupts inside you. You bite your own hand at the same moment your back curls against the bench. You manage to keep your mouth shut even as your insides clench around Shuu's fingers again and again. The hotness of shame burns your cheeks as you moisten Shuu's hand and your own panties, panting silently against your own hand.

"How perverted you are. Can't say I don't like it."

You turn your head, but Shuu is staring at the lecturer again. His lips curl into a familiar, lopsided smirk as he pulls his fingers away.

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