His Realm to Conquer

Rating: R18

Ship: Ruki x reader

Summary: A couple of weeks before Ruki's coronation you two are ready to set down on your new castle and the bedroom. Your master is about to become your king as if he doesn't get enough kicks from being the master.

Warnings: Bloodsucking, dirty talk, light bondage, master/slave kink (or in this case king/commoner)

A/N: The 10th year anniversary merch line gave me inspiration to write something new and I’ve been working on this piece for a while now. I also got some help from Goldazu and for that I’m very grateful. đź’– 



It was still a couple of weeks before Ruki’s coronation, but you two were ready to set down on your new castle and the bedroom with a king-size four-post bed which curtains had tied to each post with narrow bands. You gazed at the room that was much fancier than the one back in the Mukami manor. The uneasiness lingered in your stomach; that manor had become your home and it was hard to see this castle as such. But in the current situation, it couldn’t be helped, even though the realization hadn’t fully hit you yet.
Your master was about to become your king.
Not only yours, of course, but the thought didn’t really leave your mind. As if Ruki didn’t get enough kicks from being the master. As if you didn’t.
Ruki was still wearing his crown and new cloak, that had been brought in for a fitting, over his school uniform, and you had to admit that he looked rather stunned in the new outfit. A real king of the realm. You let your eyes travel along his body which that cloak partly hid, but you already knew what you could find underneath those clothes.
Naturally, it didn’t take long for Ruki to notice your wandering gaze. His steel-blue eyes captivated you and a signature smirk raised on his lips sooner than you were able to avert your eyes.
“What is it, Livestock? Did this crown remind you where you do belong?”
You swallowed, knowing there weren’t too many right answers to that. “I… I can’t say that I don’t like it,” you ended up mumbling as the heat covered your cheeks.
Ruki whispered your name, pressuring every syllable of it. “You should be more specific with your master if you want to get what you are craving for.” He leaned closer and sighed the last words into your ear. His cloak swept over your toes, brushing them softly.
“I like your cloak very much. It looks cushy and warm,” you replied and let your fingertips dance on the fabric. It had that kind of luxury aura you could only find with silk and velvet, smooth to touch, yet so rich and thick. The collar of the cloak was huge with white fur that gave you a fluffy feeling as your fingers sank into it. The golden Mukami emblem, that hold the piece of clothing closed, was a gaze stealer too. Though your eyes belonged to the man inside the cloak, of course.
Ruki chuckled at your words, wrapping the cloak around both of you and pulling you into his cold as ever embrace. You leaned your head against his shoulder as you enjoyed the contrast that his body and the warm cloak created. His chilliness made you shiver.
“Does my coldness really bother you that much?” Ruki’s voice was far from pleased and only made icy shivers run down your spine. His grasp of you grew tighter as he let his hands glide down to your waist. Small trembles raised goosebumps on your skin, but you were anything but chilly right now. Flames ignited deep inside you when his fingers grabbed your waistline through your shirt. You couldn’t help but lift your hands and trace his back slowly under his cloak. The blazer of his school uniform was thick and didn’t really let you feel him.
“There are too many pieces of clothing in this outfit of yours,” you said, clenching your fingers against Ruki’s back. “You could use your home clothes under the cloak. Then there wasn’t so much fabric…”
Ruki’s lips touched your earlobe as he spoke to you. “Such naughty livestock. You just want to see your master in clothes that come off easily. Isn’t that it?”
Your cheeks burned while his lips moved against your ear, hands pulling your waist against his.
“A livestock should always be honest with her master. Nothing gets past me, not your lies, not that jumping heart of yours,” Ruki said. His fangs scratched your ear. “How about I show you what you really want?“
Ruki’s cold hands left your waist as he straightened and let his blazer fall down the floor. Skillful fingers opened one button after another until his dress shirt followed and he was left with the black shirt he usually wore at home, but never did his cloak move an inch from his shoulders.
“Tell me what you think. And don’t leave even the tiniest detail out.”
“Well, this looks cozier, and it has fewer layers now,” you replied.
“That sounded like you would have preferred even fewer layers. Mind full of indecent thoughts as always.”
“I would have not! I’m content if you are,” you said and moved a bit closer. Your fingers found his back again, tracing his skin through the fabric of his shirt as you rested your head against his broad shoulder. His cloak’s collar caressed your cheek.
“Heh… you want to feel more of me, don’t you?” Ruki’s voice was teasing, even playful when he lifted the hem of his shirt. Your gaze followed the movement, enjoying every inch of his abs as he revealed them for your eyes only. Your mouth grew dry when you peered the V-shaped lines that disappeared under the waistline of his black pants. A sigh escaped your lips, and you couldn’t stop your fingers traveling to his sides, then towards his abs, tracing the muscles with slow and feathery touches. He was ice to your fire, but you were the one that was melting.
“What a shameless face you are making right now,” Ruki said. “Now tell me exactly what you want from your master…” His hand glided under your shirt, slid over your side, and traveled upwards until it reached your bra. Without any problems at all, he unclasped the hooks. Fingertips followed the line of the bra, moving to your front teasingly slowly until finally his palm covered your left soft mound and squeezed surprisingly gently. His gesture made you gasp, but you ran your fingers on his stomach, trying to keep your composure. Your forefinger stopped under his navel over the waist of his pants while his cool thumb encircled your bud slowly.
“Hmmm… maybe I want… you to be the king they are crowning you soon. And don’t they say that the king decides what happens in his realm…?”
Ruki took your hand guided it downwards over the bulge in his pants; you could feel as it grew larger by the second. “Feel what you’ve done to me. Yes, you’re absolutely right. A king should command his subjects. With that being said…”
You couldn’t but stare as Ruki’s slender fingers unzipped his pants that fall to the floor. His thumb traveled along the waist of his boxers slowly, accelerating your heartbeat. He grabbed the fabric and glided it down revealing an erection that sprung to its freedom, slapping against his stomach, the tip glistening with precum. Suddenly your heart was in your throat, your mouth so dry it became hard to swallow. Something else wasn’t dry though as you could feel how your panties glued between your legs and the pearl of yours throbbed, yearning for touch. His touch that you knew he wouldn’t give to you, not just yet.
“Get on your knees, commoner.”
You tried to swallow, tried to get your mouth less dry. You had realized what could follow from your bold words, yet you hadn’t cared. Maybe you even knew exactly what you were asking from Ruki, he probably knew it too and enjoyed every minute of it. Just looking at him made your cheeks turn hot, his harsh way of speaking only making matters worse.
“I don’t think… I mean… my mouth is too… small.”
You both knew that it wasn’t true, but his erection switched from your words anyway as you kneeled in front of him.
“You are going to take in all of me, I don’t care if your mouth is too small. In fact, I welcome such a tight fit. I want to feel the way your lips wrap around me.”
You were sure that Ruki’s manhood only grew larger when you lowered yourself before him.
“Hurry up and take your king’s cock. Are you going to be a disobedient subject, or will you do as I ask?”
Not bothering to answer, you put your left hand on his hip and wrapped fingers of the right one around his length before letting your tongue travel around his tip slowly and teasingly, tasting his cool and salty precum. You ran your tongue along his shaft, still wondering would he really fit into your mouth this time. It was always a difficult task and now he had grown so big.
“Hnn… very good. Your king is pleased with your loyalty. Take in more of it inside your mouth… and use more of that dirty tongue of yours, the tongue that loves your king’s cock so much.” 
Ruki let out several soft moans as your tongue flickered on the tip, more precum slowly oozing out. You licked the tip of his member again, the precum tingling on your tastebuds as enjoyable as always, before you opened your mouth further and let him in. As you wrapped your lips around his hardness you tried to breathe as steadily as you could through your nose. Your tongue rubbed against the lower side of his length when you took in as much of it as you could, feeling it was already too much.
“Good girl… just like that… Ahhmm…” Without a warning Ruki placed his hand on the back of your head, entwining his fingers with your hair. A deep moan escaped his lips as his head tilted backward. “Suck more of your king… hnnn…”
You moved your hand slowly back and forth at the same time you let him deeper into your mouth, sucking gently. He filled your crevice so perfectly that there wasn’t room for anything else. As you engulfed him your left hand moved from his hip, finding his balls. You brushed them with your fingertips and lifted your gaze upwards, meeting his deep, lustful eyes which had turned darker than usual.
Ruki let out a low growl as if he was yearning more of your mouth. He tightened his grasp of your hair and began to thrust his hips forward, fucking your mouth with his cock. “Haah… how does it feel… taking me in like this?”
As if you could have replied anything when your mouth was so full of him, but a sudden wave of pleasure hit you when he tightened his grasp of your hair. You did your best to keep up with his pace and glided tongue along with his manhood when he pushed in. Your jaw was getting sore, and you had a growing urge to swallow, yet you couldn’t because he didn’t give you time between his thrusts. You closed your eyes and tried to breathe as you curled your fingers around his balls and squeezer very gently.
Ruki moaned your name. You knew that his release was approaching when his member switched in your crevice, but just then he suddenly removed himself. Only a string of saliva connecting you to his hard length. You were finally able to swallow and gasp for air as you wiped the mix of saliva and precum from your chin with your hand.
“You want your king to pleasure you too, isn’t that right? Strip for me.” His command was raw and lust-filled as he lifted his hand releasing threads and emblem that hold his cloak. The heavy clothing dropped on the floor, and soon his shirt and socks followed, leaving him completely naked before your eyes.
Your legs shook a little when you stood up, knees feeling a bit sore. You let your cardigan slide to the floor and grabbed the hem of your shirt, pulling the piece of clothing above your head and letting it fall too. As he had opened your bra earlier it didn’t take long to add it to the growing pile of clothes. Your body tensed under Ruki’s gaze when you unzipped your skirt and let it also land, leaving only your black lace panties on. You turned your back to him and began to lower those very slowly while glancing him sideways through your hair. His body was as gorgeous as always, skin as marble, perfect muscles, and trimmed black curls on the base of his hard member.
“What a lovely sight. Now get here.” Ruki pulled you closer with one hand while his other grabbed a thread that hold the curtain. The heavy fabric hid half of the bed out of sight but neither of you cared as Ruki turned you around and forced your hands behind your back. He wrapped the thread around your wrists so tightly you couldn’t move your arms. He took a pillow and threw it in the middle of the bed before pushing you onto it on your stomach. Your head rested on the pillow, and you tried to glance at him. Ruki grabbed your hips pulling your lower body up.
“Face down, ass up. This is how your king wants you, commoner. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk, but you are going to beg for it first.”
As Ruki pulled your hips again, you heard a loud thud when his crown fell and rolled under the bed. He spread your legs with his knee before he leaned in closer to your body, his hard member nudging against your entrance. He rubbed his length back and forth along your wet folds as his fangs pierced into your shoulder, drawing your blood. You gasped for air, unable to move when the pain hit you. Soon it mixed with the waves of pleasure that always followed when Ruki sucked the elixir of life that oozed out from your veins. Your fingers curled helplessly against his abs, and the heat rose from your lower body as his words sank in.
I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk.
Ruki pushed himself in just a couple of inches. Enough for you to feel how enormous and hard he was but not enough to satisfy the craving that spread from the deepest parts of your body. You tried to push your bottom closer to him, but you really couldn’t move that much. His fangs engraved themselves in your flesh once more, your hot blood running onto his lips and tongue that lapped every single drop of it.
“Please, do it, my king!” you cried as he kept teasing your entrance repeatedly. “Please, I need you! I need you to fuck me! Fuck me as hard and rough as you can!”
“Finally, you’re being honest. Beg more and I might fulfill your dirty desires,” Ruki replied, his lips moving against the skin of your sore shoulder. He pushed a couple of inches of his length in and pulled out again. Your insides throbbed, yearning for more. “Fufu, I love how soaked you are for your king. If only you could see how your fluids cover the tip of my cock.”
“Oh, Ruki, please! I need you!”
“You have to be more specific if you want to earn your reward. Say… it… again.“ With the last three words, he sucked blood from your shoulder, before withdrawing a bit and lapping the rest of the drops with his tongue. Sitting on his knees between your legs, he pulled your lower body closer.
“I beg you, my king! Fuck me as hard and rough as you can!”
Right after your last words, Ruki penetrated you with one sudden push. His whole length stretched your walls, twitching as your muscles clenched around him. A groan left his lips, and his hands squeezed your hips when he thrust into you repeatedly, hitting the most sensitive place inside of you with every shove. Your moans joined with his, making the sweetest music you’ve ever heard as they mixed with wet noises of your bodies connecting. Sweat covered your body and made you as slippery on the outside as you already were on the inside.
Ruki’s hand slipped in front of you and traveled between your legs, his fingers finding your pearl. He encircled it adding pressure with each deep thrust of his cock as if he was searching for the same pace with his fingers as his member pound you. You quivered in his grasp unable to hold back your whimpers that were muffled by the pillow.
Your body writhed under Ruki’s and with every thrust, your deepest parts answered his call clenching him tightly. It was like an electric shock had struct through you when his fingers danced faster and faster on your sensitive bud. Your head bounced on the pillow at the pace of his relentless shoves, making your breath turn ragged.
“Tell – me – who – you – are -loyal – to!” Ruki’s choked voice filled your new bedroom and the bed under you creaked with each thrust.
You moaned unable to give him an answer as your mind was turning blank and all the sensations took over. Your body started to tremble, every muscle singing just for him.
“Tell – me – who – you – are – loyal – to!” he commanded again, yet you couldn’t answer. The blankness in your mind was about to fill with stars, and just then Ruki stopped all the movement.
“Ruki! No!”
You trembled but the heat and pleasure that had been bubbling inside of you were slipping away from you. As you gasped, Ruki’s hands grabbed your hips again with a rough grip. He pulled out from you and threw you around. Your hands hurt as they squeezed under your body.
“You cum when I tell you to cum,” Ruki said with a ragged voice. You blinked, staring at him and his member that glistened with your fluids. Ruki grabbed your ankles and lifted both on his shoulders. He pushed his manhood in again with a sudden and violent thrust which would have made your back curl if you had been able to move, but all you could do was take in all his hardness. "Now, who do you swear your loyalty to? If you want your king to move, you answer right now, commoner.”
His words made you squeeze around him, and you gasped. “I swear… I swear my loyalty to you, Ruki!” you cried. “My king! Please… take me!”
“Haha, good girl!”
Ruki didn’t bother to start with a slow pace, instead, he pulled back and began to pound even faster than before, hitting so deep inside of you that you could feel as his balls bounced against your buttocks with every thrust. As he conquered your body, making it his realm, claiming each inch of you, his moans grew louder, filling your ears, mixing with yours. Your legs shook against him, but he didn’t let go. He rubbed your slick, velvety heat with his member with a right angle, the one that made you shiver all over. Your head sank into the pillow, and you didn’t care about the numb hands that pressed your lower back anymore. Nothing else mattered when Ruki sent you flying so high you didn’t know if you were ever able to recover from that.
“Ha-harder!” you found yourself crying even though you knew that his roughness was almost too much to handle for your human body. Your words made the composure of his face disappear.
“Is your king being too gentle? Then, take it all!”
Ruki moaned your name as he quickened his pace, even more, his shoves turning forceful and more passionate than ever as if he was going to break you with his strength.
“Your king… nhhgg… is getting close…” he said. “Cum around me!”
With that Ruki hit deep inside of you again. Your vision sparkled with tiny stars as the waves of pleasure took over your body so completely you almost didn’t feel the bed under you anymore. All you know was his name and his member that filled you perfectly. You clenched so hard around him it was almost painful, yet you didn’t care.
As you cried in ecstasy Ruki was giving you, he turned his head to the side and lifted your left leg, even more, sinking his fangs into your ankle. Your cries turned into screams and your body twitched even more. His cock throbbed, and suddenly he shot his cool seed inside filling every tiny part of your crevice. His moans were muffled by your blood that flooded into his mouth the same way he overflowed your insides with his cum.
Ruki took one final harsh suck of your blood before kissing your ankle gently. As he pulled out from you, your mixed love juices spread to the blanket under you. Head almost empty and so light that it was difficult to even see him you let a faint smile raise on your lips. Ruki descended next to you, turning you on your side and gliding his hand behind your back. Skillful fingers untied the knot of the band which unraveled. He massaged your arm gently before pulling it around him and letting his fingers trace your back. His lips covered your chest and neck with small, tender kisses.
“You really are loyal to your king. You’d do well to remember who you serve and who do you belong to till your final day,” he finally whispered to your ear. “The king doesn’t share his bed with just anyone. You are the real queen of my heart. I love you.”

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