Their Happy New Year

Coauthor: Goldazu
Rating: R18
Ship: YuRuki (Ruki x OC)
Summary: Ruki and Yuriko are spending New Year's Eve together. They had planned to shoot fireworks with the other Mukamis by midnight but other activities keep them busy a bit too long.


Their Happy New Year

Yuriko yawned and stretched her arms, realizing it was the last day of the year and it was turning dark outside. Soon there would be fireworks and people celebrating, but Yuriko was rather content now that she was with Ruki in their shared bedroom. She put the book she was holding back to the shelf and turned around.

Wow… this year has passed so quickly… Yuriko reminisced the time that has passed since she arrived at Kaminashi City and Ryotei Academy. A lot had changed ever since; her life had taken a turn from which there was no coming back, not that she even wanted to. Terrible things had happened, but wonderful things too… and meeting Ruki was one of the best ones. Yuriko didn’t remember a moment she had felt as happy as right now.

Yuriko glanced at Ruki who was just about to put his book down too. “Umh… the year is ending. Ruki… I think… This has been the best year for me in ages.”

“Heh, is that so? I’m glad to hear it, Yuriko. This year has been quite special for me as well. You’ve truly changed my life,” Ruki stepped closer and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, gazing straight into her bright eyes as deep as the ocean. A genuinely warm smile spread on his lips, the smile he only showed to Yuriko and no one else. Warmth rose on Yuriko’s cheeks when her eyes met Ruki’s steel-blue orbs which still captivated her in the same way as months ago. She couldn’t help but return his smile, heart fluttering solemnly for him.

“Umh… have I really? Because, Ruki… you really have changed mine. There is still a lot I don’t know about myself… but one thing is sure…” Yuriko swallowed the rest of her words.

“Hm? And what would that be? Don’t leave a single detail out,” Ruki said. The hand on her shoulder gave comforting strokes, as if trying to deepen the red on her cheeks. He pulled her slightly closer to him, expectantly awaiting her answer. Yuriko averted her gaze but only for a second before looking Ruki directly in the eyes again. She took a big breath, feeling how her heart started to race. She shouldn’t be this embarrassed to say these things out loud anymore but something in Ruki’s intense gaze made her always feel this way.

“Ehhrm… well… it’s just… I know that I will always… love you and I want always to be with you. I want us to share… umh… all kinds of moments together.”

“Me too, Yuriko. I love you with all of my heart. What do you normally do for the New Year? My brothers and I don’t do much. We’ve been alive for some time, so the upcoming new year is never that special. But this year is different now that we’re spending it with each other.”

“Oh… when Mom still lived with us, we had a family dinner on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day I got my gift money and we went to a Shinto shrine to pray for good fortune for the starting year. I think Mom always took me to an Inari shrine.”

Yuriko nibbled her lower lip as she remembered all those times she had visited an Inari shrine with her mother, praying for good fortune. She had never questioned why they kept praying one kami only when there were others for other matters but now it hit her. Maybe Inari was the closest kami to her mother because kitsune were linked to that certain spirit. Yuriko wasn’t even sure if she believed in spirits and gods but… somehow she liked the idea that Inari would protect her because of the fox within her. Though she also had Ruki now right here and now by her side, and she knew that she would be safe as long as they would be together.

“Ah, a visit to the shrine, huh? Vampires normally don’t partake in such a thing… but I wouldn’t mind going with you, Yuriko. If such a thing would bring you comfort then we can try it together. Perhaps we could even draw omikuji just for the fun of it. You never know what kind of fortune you could get. With you by my side though, it already feels like I hold all the fortune in the world.” With his hand still caressing the side of her face, he threaded his long, slender fingers into her ivory hair, thumb brushing along her temple softly. Ruki’s voice was now a hoarse whisper. As he listened to Yuriko’s expectations for the new year, his eyes were glued to her face carefully watching her expression.

“But… we don’t have to do that kind of thing…” Yuriko said hastily. She had a hard time imagining Ruki going to a shrine. Yes, they were planning to go look for that certain Inari shrine where the gate to the kitsune realm was… but that was… for Yuuto. Not for praying and such. But Yuriko couldn’t deny that the idea of going to a shrine together just for new year was tempting. For a moment her gaze turned hazy when she allowed herself to get lost in thoughts of two of them walking hand in hand along the shrine area and giving their prayers to the kami that resided there.

Suddenly Yuriko realized that Ruki was smirking at her. His hand traveled down along her arm, gently caressing it as he leaned in for what began as a chaste kiss that slowly intensified into a passionate one. Ruki’s lips pressed against hers with firm pressure, his other hand cupping her cheek.

“What kind of moments did you have in mind then, Yuriko?”

Yuriko got caught in his kiss, closing her eyes, but when he asked his question her cheeks started to burn and she opened her eyes again.

“Ummm…” She mumbled against his lips before backing down from the kiss for a little. “Well… all kinds of… moments. Reading together… making dinner together… going on dates… having family nights… going to school… but well, also…”

Yuriko lifted her hand and let her forefinger trace Ruki’s chest with slow motions. His gentle smile shifted into that of a smug smirk. Indeed, Ruki knew exactly what this daring gesture of hers meant. Returning the favor, he toppled her onto their bed, her back meeting the plush mattress. Yuriko grabbed Ruki’s shirt but released her grip almost right after and smiled at him.

“Of course we can continue to do all of those things together, and everything that comes after that,” Ruki said.

“Umm… does that mean… that after can be… now, Master?” Yuriko’s finger continued tracing Ruki’s chest over his shirt until she found what she had been looking for. She let her fingertip glide over his left nipple gently but using enough pressure to make sure Ruki could feel her touch through his shirt. A heated feeling grew deep inside of her and was slowly taking over her body. Right now she didn’t care if they would go to the shrine the next day or not or if she would be able to even walk there… and she glided her fingertip again over his nipple just to see how he would react this time.

As if it was Yuriko’s reward, a faint blush spread on Ruki’s cheeks once her finger traced over the sensitive spot he didn’t know he had until recently. Groaning a bit, Ruki snatched the hand that began to drive him wild and pinned both of them against the pillow, the grip around her wrists strong and unyielding.

“That’s right, Yuriko. Your master will indulge all your shameful desires… but just where do you think you were touching me just now? I didn’t give you permission to touch me there… Let me show you how it’s really done.” Inclining his head down towards her body, Ruki raised her shirt and unhooked her bra with the other hand to expose her ample breasts. He brought his mouth to Yuriko’s nipple, enveloping it and running his tongue along the curve of her breast with deep fervor. “Mmnhh… you’re so soft and warm, Yuriko.”

Yuriko moaned as her head sank into the pillow but she kept her eyes open, following every movement from Ruki and enjoying his tongue gliding along her skin. The lick was as cold as him, the opposite of her flaming body. His touch made both her fingers and toes curl, and the fever-like heat spread down her legs while her heart pounded for him.

“Ahhmmm… Ruki…!” She gasped, raising her chest a little to give Ruki better access. “If… if this is how it’s really done… Umh… does that mean that I can do… that too?” 

While Ruki enjoyed the whole spectrum of red that colored Yuriko’s face he couldn’t help but frown a bit at her bold remark. 

“Hmph, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Do you have what it takes to do this?” Releasing her wrists from his grasp, Ruki’s hand slowly trailed down to her panties, gently rubbing over the cloth until he could feel it dampen. Yuriko’s hands searched his head immediately and her fingers entangled themselves in his hair. She moaned as his hand touched her through her panties, feeling the sweltering sensation that took over her lower body a bit by bit. She was holding her breath, enjoying the sultry moistness only Ruki could cause. He had the skill to make her instantly want more. Her hips jerked unconsciously towards his pressing fingers as if her body decided to reveal all her secret wishes, and soon her lips joined and gave out her veiled thirst for him.

“Uhmmm… Ruki… I… uh huh…”

While his hand stimulated Yuriko through her lace undergarments, Ruki continued to torture her breast with long and teasing flicks of his tongue, spiraling it in circles around her sensitive bud before sucking the tip of it harshly. Simultaneously, his fingers bypassed her panties, seeking her slick womanhood beneath. Soon one digit disappeared inside her wet entrance, curling up against her clenching walls.

A soft moan left Ruki’s lips as Yuriko ran her fingers into his soft, black hair, as if guiding him towards her perky breast. She shifted her body and softly moaned his name, pressing his head against her breast when he sucked her nipple harshly and yet so lovingly. She lifted her hips a little again, this time fully aware of what she was doing as the movement made his finger sink deeper in the moist depths, pressing the most sensitive spot that he had found inside of her.

“Please… Ruki… Master, I need more…”

“Mmnh… The way you move to meet my hand is cute, Yuriko. You really want to feel more of your master, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ruki!”

Hearing Yuriko groan his name in ecstasy was the music to Ruki’s ears he so desperately sought, and this time Ruki dipped a second finger inside her opening, enjoying her warmth in curling motions as he slid his skillful digits in and out. Her walls clenched around his fingers, yearning, asking for more. As her body twitched under him Ruki used his thumb to circle her clit, making her perfectly wet and slick for when he could finally ram his hard cock inside, which was now pressing against his pants painfully, eager to deliver Yuriko more pleasure than what his hand could offer. 

“It seems my fingers aren’t enough to sate your lust, is that right? What a greedy livestock you are…”

“Ahhmmm… Yes, I want… more of you, Ruki…”

Deciding to tease her a bit longer, Ruki twirled his tongue around her hardened nipple, every single pleased hum and growl tickling her skin. The cool lick sent shivers all around her body which was now turning keen to receive every touch of his like an instrument that had been attuned just for her player. The damp tune her body was already making was the prelude of their starting conserto. 

“Mmnh… Yuriko, I love seeing how wet you are for your master… Here’s your reward.”

With those words he slipped a third finger inside, stretching her entrance even wider for him until she was soaked with arousal. Just envisioning what his hard length would feel like in place of where his fingers were currently made Ruki shiver in anticipation, unconsciously licking his lips. Oh, how he wanted to take her and make her his right then and there. Instead, he continued to pump her heat with three steadfast fingers, which were now completely lubricated, dripping with Yuriko’s love juices.

“Ruki! I love… I love how you touch me…” Yuriko’s right hand left his hair and travelled along his side searching its way to his waist. Her fingers slipped on his bare skin between the hem of his shirt and pants, admiring the chilling sensation that met her touch. Her fingernails scratched the skin slightly as the digits traced his side with feathery movements and relished the fact that she was able to share this moment with the only man she had ever loved this way.

“Heh… you really want to see what’s beneath my clothes so badly? Let me help you…”

Ruki pulled away from her body just for a moment to remove the shirt that obscured his nudity, throwing it somewhere into the void that was the bedroom carpet. Yuriko let out a frustrated sigh; her lower body was burning, sending heatwaves down toward her toes and up towards her fast beating heart. 

But the vampire wanted to make sure Yuriko would blush upon seeing his exposed chest and strong arms. 

“Ahmm, Ruki, I…” 

Yuriko didn’t finish, instead she stopped staring at Ruki, letting her gaze travel along his upper body. His every muscle was so perfect, his skin smooth, and Yuriko knew how his scars looked like angel wings that had been torn away from his back. Yuriko sat up on their bed, still not averting her gaze even though her heart pounded unsteadily, her palms were sweaty, her throat was getting dry, and her face was turning unbearably hot. How was it possible to even want someone this much? Her lace panties glued between her thighs even though she had thought she couldn’t get any wetter than Ruki had already made her with his skilled fingers. Aching in anticipation, her hands reached for him, fingers travelling along his arms now.

Upon feeling Yuriko’s feathery touch along his arms, Ruki inclined his head downward until they met in another passionate kiss, his tongue darting through her parted lips. Ruki pressed her back down on the bed and moaned into her mouth, his tongue familiarizing itself with every corner and crevice until she was breathless in his arms. As Ruki let out several pleased grunts, his hand met her weeping pearl once more, separating it from her soaked panties and rubbing her clit in slow, torturous circles.

“I can’t believe you’re this wet for me already, Yuriko. Moan louder for your master… beg and scream for me.”

Once again he pushed his thumb against her clit, applying more pressure than before as he thrusted several fingers in and out, wishing it was his hard member instead and making Yuriko squirm. She grabbed a handful of his hair with one hand while digging her fingernails with the other into the small of his back, her hips twitching at the pace of his relentless digits. The tiny flame inside of her was turning into a pyre that was going to sear everything else but lust, desire and passion away.

“Ahh… Ruki, please!” Her hips jerked up meeting his hand once again. She let her hand travel down along his waist, fingers clenching every time when his thumb pushed her pearl in the right angle. Her moans turned louder as her breathing changed unsteady. The odor of their yearning for one another was slowly spreading in the bedroom, and it wasn’t long before she could easily detect its intoxicating scent. The shame colored her face bright red, yet at the same time it pushed coherent thoughts in the back corner of her mind. “Ruki, I beg you! Please! A little more!!”

When Yuriko pleaded for him even more, Ruki smirked, his erection hardening within the tight confines of his pants. He kissed down her body, the soft caress of his lips washing over her neck, then down to her breasts once more before finally stopping at her thighs, teasing her with his fangs which gently pricked at her sensitive, almost trembling flesh. Slowly he sank his fangs into her, drawing the sweet and silky blood he could never tire of, eyes glued to Yuriko anticipating her reaction. Her soft moans turned into rapturous cries. Grabbing the sheets beneath her writhing body, back curled and legs trembled. The pain hit her, yet it was instantly mixing with overwhelming pleasure. The pleasure she hadn’t realized even existed before they had met and Ruki had shown her how tormenting ache could turn into thrilling bliss with no end.


The thin red streaks rolling down Yuriko’s legs met Ruki’s tongue as he lapped up her blood with a sly smile, not leaving a single drop to waste. Taking her inner thighs in his hands, Ruki spread her legs wide apart and admired her most intimate spot in full view. The folds that no other eyes had ever seen opened only for him, glistening with nectar of Yuriko’s craving for his touch. It wasn’t long before Ruki savored the taste of her moist womanhood, tongue delving so deeply into her wet passage as he stroked her legs with his large, sturdy hands. Yuriko whimpered and squirmed against the bed, still clenching the sheet as if she was going to come apart by any minute now.

“Ngghhh…! Ruki, please… Oh my gosh! You…!”

“Mmnhh… I want you wet and ready for my cock, Yuriko.”

Ruki’s tongue conquered her perfectly, making her walls squeeze in a fastening pace. She was holding her breath until it turned into unrestrained panting mixed with moans that met their ears, making a melody that was the only music neither of them ever got tired listening to.

“Hnn… you taste divine down here, Yuriko. I want to see how much more soaked you can get for your master.”

“Please, more!!”

Arousal seized Ruki’s entire body as she cried with such need for him, his erection throbbing to be inside her. Rather than giving in so soon, he kissed her clit directly in a sensuous worship, his tongue laving along her wet folds before thrusting and withdrawing repeatedly in a frantic rhythm, an imitation of what he was about to do with his pulsating manhood. The wet noises of his tongue against her excessive wetness together with the earlier melody filled their bedroom. 

Then leaving Yuriko to pant in frustration Ruki suddenly stood up, immediately tugging his pants off to reveal the hard outline of his shaft pressing through his boxers. Almost teasingly he slipped a finger below the fabric, slowly removing it until finally Yuriko could see him completely bare and aching for her body against his own. His manhood sprung into full view, thanking him for its freedom with a slap to his stomach, completely erect and ready to satisfy her every lustful need. The sight made Yuriko’s walls clench once again, her breathing only turning faster when she looked at him, feeling soaking wet and aching to have all his length inside of her.

Ruki climbed back over Yuriko, arms positioned on either side of her head. His tip was now grinding back and forth against the lips of her wet entrance. 

“Beg for my cock, Yuriko.”

“Ruki… umh… you are… huge…” She whispered the last word, cheeks burning once again. Hearing her testify to how well-endowed he was elicited a sudden twitch, as if he wanted her to feel every inch of his sheer hugeness. “I… umh… I want you… I… I… want… please, Ruki.” She nibbled her lower lip for a moment, looking into his steel-blue eyes with her amber ones. “Ruki… give me… umh… I need you… inside of me, right now! Please! Your cock, I need it inside… hard, fast and deep!”

“Good girl… You know exactly what your master wants to hear. I’ll be sure to fuck you so hard and rough you won’t even want to look at any other man next year.”

Ruki’s words made Yuriko’s heart jump; that was what she wanted to hear. “Ruki, please!”

A loud moan erupted from Ruki’s lips as he shoved himself inside Yuriko, filling her inch by every pleasurable inch so slowly, even though she had begged for fast, and it was torturing her. It was as if he wanted to tease her endlessly by not giving her what she had begged him so desperately for. Her hands found his sides and glided along his skin, looking for his waist. She wrapped her legs behind his thighs and took her hands even further down his body, finally digging her fingers into his buttocks. Ruki’s cock throbbed inside her with such yearning, and he grunted a bit at the sudden squeeze on his rear. While he didn’t permit her to touch him in such a way, Ruki smirked, delighting in the immense training Yuriko has gone through ever since he first penetrated her virgin walls. Indeed, the once shy and timid girl now pleaded for him to be inside her, and never has Ruki wanted to fuck someone so badly. 

Immediately Yuriko’s arousal coated Ruki’s cock, and his eyes couldn’t help but flare and zero in on the sight of his hard erection disappearing inside her. Ruki pushed his hips forward, groaning as her walls clenched around him with each vigorous thrust. The cool touch of his fingers spread down her sides, until his hands found her breasts once more, massaging them as he pounded her deep and hard, quickening the pace with each roll of his hips.

“Nnghh… Yuriko, this tight pussy is—all—mine… you belong to me—and—only—me!! Haah… nghh…”

Finally his pace went faster, filling her over and over again the way nobody else ever would. Yuriko didn’t want any other man, not now, not ever, her soul, her heart and her body only yearned for Ruki. Her master. She loved every rough touch he was offering. Every thrust into her very core which was only his to conquer; never would she let any other man see and feel her like this. Never would she surrender to anyone else like she was ready to submit her very being for the love of her life.

A light sheen of sweat began to form on Ruki’s skin as he fucked Yuriko unrelentingly. His hands kneaded at her breasts as he rammed his hard cock in and out repeatedly. She let her chest rise to meet him and dug her fingers deeper into his buttocks, pushing him closer when he pulled back, never wanting to let go of him.

“Yes—Ruki—I—belong—to—you!” Her voice turned high-pitched when she moaned his name repeatedly.

“Nghh… I love the way you tighten around me with each stroke, Yuriko… It’s incredible…!” His voice crooned and paused between thrusts, hitting her deep in her most pleasurable spot each time their hips met. Their bodies pressed so closely together like magnets attracting one another as Ruki made rough, passionate love to Yuriko. The heat pulsing through him betrayed his usual cold composure, yet he ached for more of her electrifying touch, more of her surrounding walls clenching around him with such fervor, more of her pleased voice that was only for his ears. With a bruising grip, Ruki raised her ankles over his shoulders and rammed his hard cock inside until she was crying and screaming his name. Yuriko’s hands glided to Ruki’s thighs, her fingers trying to get a grip of him. The pace at which he rocked his hips was inhumanly fast and rough, as if proving his vampiric strength over and over again with each surge and retreat. It became impossible to hold onto him, so again her hands grabbed the sheet and squeezed it tightly. 

“Uhhh…! I—love—you—Ruki!”

At this angle Ruki penetrated Yuriko even more deeply than ever, the tip of his cock kissing her cervix with each thrust, seeking her tight orgasm. The bed creaked beneath them, as if its springs protested the rough way he took her. Soon the headboard slammed into the wall as well, but it couldn’t compare to the way Ruki slammed his hips into hers, his panting erratic and his own moans growing loud and desperate. 

“Yes, scream my name more… tell—me—whose—possession—you—are… who—your—one—and—only—master—is!!”

Yuriko was now screaming his name. Ruki’s loud moans matched with hers as they made music together and all that was completed with a wet symphony of their bodies. Yuriko’s mind was going blank with sensations that took over her, pure ecstasy that washed over every cell of her body, making it sing for her master like a possession should.


“Yes, that’s a good girl… ngh, Yuriko… I—love—you—so—much…! I’ll fuck you until you faint!! This year, the next, the—year—after!!!”

The way she took him in and surrounded his cock with such a vice-like grip was so very euphoric, a pleasure Ruki has never experienced before meeting Yuriko. It was as if her body was made for him; curves he wanted to spend all night exploring, insides he wanted to spend all night thrusting into, every spot of her skin an area he wanted to mark with his fangs. With vampiric force Ruki continued to pound her soaking wet womanhood which clenched so perfectly around him as if she never wanted to let him go. As he neared his climax, he leaned in to clash tongues with her yet again, tasting every corner of and making sweet love to her mouth with his own. Determined to push Yuriko to her orgasm, he thrusted so deep until his balls slammed into her sensitive skin, breathing harsh, his skin slippery with their mixed sweat. In an instant his body convulsed and his cock jerked and twitched inside of her, and he buried himself deeper in her womanhood, searching for his release.

“Yuriko, your master is… getting close… cum around me, I want to feel it…!!”

Yuriko whimpered and trembled in Ruki’s grasp when he thrusted into her with force she hadn’t experienced before, like he was going to break the bed at the end of the year. The headboard kept hitting on the wall but Yuriko barely heard it anymore over her own screams and cries which didn’t make any sense in her ears. She moaned, and tears of pleasure fell down her cheeks, her back bending and toes curling. The room around them disappeared. In her world there wasn’t anything else than Ruki and his relentless thrusts.


Thoughts left Yuriko’s mind when her body twitched and insides clenched around Ruki at an unbelievably fast pace. Every muscle in her body tensed and she screamed his name until she was breathless. The pleasure made her cry as desire burned her from the inside before she relaxed and went numb in Ruki’s grasp, her walls still squeezing and squeezing even though it felt like her body couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much, and yet she tensed again, feeling like she was exploding right now.

“Aghh… nghh… you look so beautiful writhing beneath me, taking—my—cock in—full…!! I’ll make it so that you cry only for me…!!”

Seeing the tears of pleasure flood from her lust-filled amber eyes only made Ruki want to ram his cock harder and faster, his release fast approaching. When he couldn’t hold off any longer, the vampire buried his cock deep within her, his seed flooding inside as she squeezed around him to no end. Ruki leaned down, positioning his head next to hers as he pierced his fangs into her shoulder, drawing her blood once more and savoring the sweet taste of it as he emptied his cock of cum that jetted out endlessly inside her hot cavern. The way he plunged his fangs in was nearly just as intense as how he had previously been pounding her with all his might, his tongue collecting every last drop of her blood. It was a glorious exchange of fluids; Yuriko’s blood and his cum. He finally pulled his hard member out, his essence oozing out onto the sheets, contrasting beautifully with the black material of their bed. There was no holding back his raw panting after such a rough and passionate lovemaking.

“Yuriko… you make me the happiest man. Stay with me always.” He smiled, stroking her cheek as if praising her for taking all of his essence in.

Yuriko’s breathing turned slower, her muscles giving in as Ruki pulled out of her. She was tired and sore but that only felt good, as if her mind was floating. Her head was light and heart full of feelings that Ruki had ignited in her during the months they’ve spent together. In her very soul she knew that this was what love felt like.

“I’m happy too…” She whispered as her eyes closed. “You make me so happy, Ruki. I want to be with you… always. I’m… in love with you.”

As if right on cue, bright magenta and electric blue lights from the fireworks outside their window highlighted their nude bodies, the couple instantly turning their heads to watch the sight commemorating the new year.

“Ah, my brothers must’ve started without us,” Ruki said, realizing what time it was. Indeed, the digital clock on his nightstand read “12:03 AM.” Last year ended the same way this new year started: their bodies joined in euphoric unison.

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