His Possession


Eve stayed with the Sakamakis and Ruki’s life had lost meaning, but then new livestock appeared. The one whose blood smelled almost as intoxicating as Eve’s even though that shouldn’t have been possible.

Ruki decided to make her his possession.


⚠️ This story includes themes that can be triggering. The content has similar traits to Diabolik Lovers' games. By opening the links and reading forward, you accept that the story is meant for the people who enjoy dark romance with scenes intended for adult readers. There won't be further warnings, so if you aren't a fan of these types of stories, DO NOT READ. ⚠️

TW & CW: Homophobia mentions, toxic relationship behavior, toxic parenting, non-con, sex, violence, blood, biting, various kinks, death, and probably something else too.


Other OCs involved

  •     Several of my own characters
  •     Elizabeth Virnien - belongs to elizabeth-virnien
  •     Nalia Wagner - belongs to Nalia Tsukino (@nalia-tsukino/Tumblr)
  •     Both have given their permission to use their characters through Yuriko's story


Beta reader: @ruki-mukami-dl/Tumblr


CG edit by Cutelih/Tumblr, original art by Rejet

|| PDF || EPUB ||



CG edit by Cutelih/Tumblr, original art by Rejet. The uncensored version in the ebook.

|| PDF || EPUB ||


CG edit by Cutelih/Tumblr, original art by Rejet. The ebook contains also another CG edit.

|| PDF || EPUB ||

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