Cover art: Marikamalia

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: RudTi

⚠️ Please note that this story might have some triggering themes and topics. If you are sensitive, check the warnings before clicking the links. However, the warnings might spoil some twists and turns of the story for you. ⚠️

Content and Trigger Warnings: Adultery, toxic relationship behavior, shameless smut, pregnancy, breeding, drug abuse, sexual assault try, violence, mentions of stalking, and potentially something else too

Summary: Tifa and Cloud live their daily lives in Edge, which seems to finally be safe now that Vincent has defeated Omega and Deepground. However, the couple’s life is not quite what Tifa had hoped for. When she cannot find happiness in one direction, the offer may come unexpectedly from another.


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