A Restless Morning

Coauthor: Goldazu

Rating: R18

Ship: YuRuki (Ruki x OC)

Summary: Ruki has gone visiting Karlheinz and Yuriko dozes off while they are sending texts to each other. When he comes back a punishment awaits... or is it a reward instead? This scene happens months after The Early Chapters when Ruki and Yuriko already have a well-established relationship. Naturally the fic is part of the YuRuki canon in His Insatiable Possession. It can also be read as an independent piece, though then it probably feels more like PWP.

Content warning: Biting, blood, dirty talking, no protection... It's possible that there is something else that can be triggering too. Just don't read it if you are a sensitive person or a minor.



Yuriko yawned and stared into her tea. Her fingers looped around the warm cup, and she enjoyed the peace and quiet around her this morning when the Mukamis weren’t around. She missed Ruki, though. She did not even remember the last time they hadn’t spent the night together, sleeping side by side in their bed under the same blanket. It had been so weird to go to sleep alone even though they haven’t been living together that long… but in the end Yuriko had dozed off surprisingly early.

It was a bit sad that Ruki had to stay away for so long. Karlheinz had asked for a meeting, and even Yuriko knew Ruki couldn’t really say no to that. The Adam and Eve plan Ruki had mentioned sometime ago had already been conducted, but it seemed that Karlheinz still had business with Ruki every once in a while.

Yuriko leaned her cheek to her palm and played with her own grey, almost white hair that faded to the sky blue on the tips. She was still a bit tired even though she had slept without dreams. She let her eyes close again and enjoyed the faint scent of cranberries that rose from the cup and sailed to her nose.

“Explain yourself, Livestock.”

Yuriko gasped and opened her eyes. She hadn’t drunk even a drop of her tea and now the cup felt cool; she had no idea how much time had passed but now Ruki was standing right in front of her in the kitchen. The steel-blue eyes imprisoned Yuriko’s teal ones with their icy stare which made Yuriko’s stomach curl. She opened her mouth but nothing coherent came out. What was Ruki even talking about? What should she explain to him?

“Tell me why you left my messages on read,” Ruki frowned. “Unforgivable.”

A hot wave washed over Yuriko as Ruki’s words sank in, and goosebumps covered her fair skin. She remembered how she had held her phone and replied to every message Ruki had sent her the night before… until her eyes had started to close again and again even though she had fought against the exhaustion, and then finally she had just dozed off. Now… where was her phone again? It surely wasn’t in the kitchen. Had Yuriko forgotten it in the bedroom?

“I was tired… because you have kept me… awake so many… nights…” Yuriko muttered as her cheeks began to turn even warmer. It was true. Lately Ruki had been acting as if he didn’t want her to sleep at all.

“Haha, I like the way you worded that. Such adorable livestock…” The gaze in Ruki’s eyes turned softer as he stepped closer and leaned in to whisper his next words to Yuriko’s ear with the sultry voice he so loved to use. “Your master will keep you awake late into the night for many more nights to come.”

“Oh…? Ehmm…” Yuriko didn’t know what to say when the words slithered into her ear and sent trembles through her insides. Warmth slid from her chest to her stomach and further, but she also knew she needed her rest. If anything, her dozing off like that last night had been proof of that. If Ruki would continue, then Yuriko would be tired all the time.

“Don’t look at me like that. Of course, there will be some nights where I’ll let you rest, and other nights where…” Ruki said as he straightened himself and looked down at her. “You’ll show me that shameful face again. And that erotic voice of yours… How does that sound, Yuriko?”

Yuriko started to feel wobbly even though she was still sitting at the table. She pushed her tea aside and let her gaze wander around the kitchen, to the counter, the cabinets and back to… the… table… Suddenly her mind was full of pictures which didn’t really help to lower the surprisingly hot temperature of the room.

“Erhh… you don’t have to say… it… like that… though. But… umhh… I think I would… ehmmm…” Yuriko didn’t even know what she was trying to say. She stood up and took her cup only to throw the cooled down liquid away. She leaned her palms to the edge of the sink and took a big breath trying to steady her heart which had already started to race. But of course, all of that was a mistake because Ruki didn’t waste his opportunity to step right behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist gently, but tightly enough so that Yuriko couldn’t meander anywhere. The musky scent of his was a bit stronger than usual as it slowly but surely intertwined around her.

“Oh, but I do have to say it like that. What else would we be doing in the bedroom so late at night? Don’t even try to hold back your voice from me,” he said directly into her ear again, his cool hand slightly rubbing her stomach through her tank top.

“Well, we could… read too?” Yuriko said knowing very well she wasn’t giving the right answer. She leaned against Ruki’s upper body. His coldness radiated through their clothes and made her skin feel even hotter. Sometimes Yuriko wondered if it was the kitsune in her that always felt so hot and bothered but probably it was just her feelings towards Ruki which made her body temperature rise in a feverish way.

“I meant what comes after our reading,” Ruki whispered into her ear, his breathing brushing her earlobe with his lips.

“Ummh… I know… Master.” Now Yuriko was shivering, her body tensed a little as Ruki’s hand traveled along her body and the other moved her hair a little to expose her neck better. Cold fingers traced her neck with a very light touch but that was enough to make her sigh.

“Heh, you really are so eager to feel my fangs when you look at me with that cute smile of yours,” Ruki said and turned Yuriko around. Her lower back pressed against the cold edge of the sink. Ruki was now right in front of her, looking at her with those eyes, his bedroom eyes which were deep and inviting, so captivating that Yuriko still hadn’t found words to really describe them.

“Eh? Ummhh… I guess… I am…” Yuriko’s voice was nothing but a tiny quivering whisper.

“Don’t even try to deny it… you crave your master’s touch, don’t you?” Ruki told her, using his deep sultry voice again. It made Yuriko blink several times before she was able to reply, and even then, she wasn’t really saying much.

“I… I… You… erhhhm… Yes.”

“Very good… Good girls deserve to be rewarded for their honesty.”

Ruki’s hands traveled down Yuriko’s body, feeling her shoulders, arms, and waist. Once his hands stopped at her waist, he pulled her in a sudden yet warm embrace, hovering his fangs near her collarbone. The heat rose on Yuriko’s cheeks, but she bent her neck for Ruki. She wrapped her arms around him, inching even closer. Readily accepting her invitation for his fangs, Ruki plunged into her neck and savored the sweet blood that oozed out.

“Mmnnhh… you taste as delectable as always, Yuriko… nghh…”

Even though the biting hurt, Yuriko closed her eyes and pushed her body against Ruki. There was pleasure in that pain as always… it was Ruki who was biting her after all. Her fingers grabbed the back of his shirt when his fangs sank a bit deeper and her head started to feel light. It wasn’t because of the loss of blood, not yet at least, he wasn’t taking that much, but the way his cold lips touched her hot skin when he sucked blood from her neck and let her hear every single gulp of his. She could smell the copperish scent of her own blood as it oozed out towards Ruki’s eager mouth.

“Ruki… you… this feels so…” Words were lost as Ruki’s tongue traveled over the bite mark capturing the blood drops that tried to escape from him.

“Hnnn… this feels so what? Don’t leave any details out… ngh…” Soon his hands wandered to the front of her body, massaging her soft skin through her tank top as he hungrily fed on her blood. His lust for Yuriko’s blood was only matched by his longing to do other more shameful acts to her. Slowly those thoughts started to occupy his mind even more than the scrumptious liquid he would never grow tired of drinking. When Yuriko’s breathing began to turn heavy, he was sure that he wasn’t the only one who wanted more. He could feel how small shivers went through her body which she now pressed against him as if she was asking more of him, yearning for him and his affectionate touch. 

“I… I… love how you… touch me. And your… fangs…” Yuriko’s voice was trembling in a most pleasurable way as blood rushed up to her cheeks and colored them with deep red Ruki always anticipated seeing. “… They feel… so… good…”

“Mmmnn… the way your body reacts to my fangs… it’s like your blood tastes even better than it did before. Heh, perhaps your arousal adds an irresistible flavor to it.” Ruki withdrew his fangs after drinking a decent amount of Yuriko’s blood, admiring the new bite marks he inflicted on her neck and letting his finger travel over them. “This is proof you belong to me forever, Yuriko. You, your blood, your body… it’s all mine.”

Yuriko gasped and opened her eyes. It was hard to look at Ruki but at the same time she couldn’t resist his eyes, but she also remembered the very moment when Ruki had said something similar to her earlier. Oh, how things have changed since then… Her body still remembered how Ruki had pressed her against that desk in the school library, slowly pulled her ribbon away and pierced her chest with his fangs without even slightest remorse. She had been so afraid and when he had told her how she belonged to him… it had felt so different. So cold and uncaring. But now, those very same words meant something else, they were so full of love that Yuriko’s heart was about to burst from them.

“Yes… I’m yours, Ruki. Completely,” she replied and meant every word. Her heart fluttered when she said those because they were the truth. They had come the long way, and there wasn’t any reason to be afraid, not anymore, not ever again, because Ruki had become her safe haven, her beacon in the darkness. Yuriko let her fingers travel on Ruki’s back, feeling him through his shirt. Her fingertips rubbed against his muscles gently and slowly, taking their time as if she wanted her fingers to always remember how he felt.  “And underneath these clothes… you know…” she whispered.

“Oh? Are you greedy for more of your master?” Ruki asked teasingly before moving away from her touch and lifting his shirt above his head. Yuriko couldn’t help but marvel at his fair and inviting skin she already knew so well, yet her eyes traveled up and down on his body. His broad chest, his tight abs and muscular arms she loved to feel around her. “Why don’t you try touching your master and see what happens?”

Yuriko smiled at Ruki and let her fingers run along his sides. His skin was cool to touch as always, smooth but cool. She traced his abs moving her fingers up slowly, feeling every inch of him. “Umhh… have I… ever told you, Ruki, how good… it feels… to touch you…”

“Hnn… your hands are so warm against my skin. I want to touch you too, Yuriko.” Soon Ruki’s cold, slender fingers went underneath her tank top before raising it over her head as well. His hands seized her breasts, kneading them gently at first and then moving his thumbs in circular motions over her nipples. “How does this feel, Yuriko? Am I making you feel good?”

“Ahhmm… yes, yes… you are…” Yuriko’s back curled as she pushed her lower body against Ruki. When his thumbs circled her buds like that it became almost impossible to breath. She held her breath as long as she could as if it was making her feel his touch better, and when she let out a deep sigh, she moved her hands towards his back and was soon tracing his scars with gently motions.

“I love the way you caress the scars on my back… I’ll only ever show this side of myself to you. Now show me something shameful of yours as well…”  Ruki leaned forward to capture one of Yuriko’s breasts in his mouth. His fangs gently grazed her nipple, sucking on it harshly and making her cry out in ecstasy. A sigh escaped his lips as his tongue laved her nipple in slow, sensual strokes, steel-blue eyes looking up at hers as he worshiped her breasts. Seeing Yuriko’s whole body tremble and hearing her repeatedly moan his name with a soft voice, which was turning higher pitched by the second, formed a large bulge in his pants. He knew her reaction was because of him and wanted to force more of those sounds out of her, so much so that everybody would know to whom she belonged now and forever.

“Ruki… ohhmm… Ruki… Should we… go… the bedroom…” Yuriko was able to ask between her moans. Ruki wouldn’t have minded taking her right here in the kitchen but then again the bedroom offered a more pleasant environment.

“Mmmnn… of course. I apologize, it seems when I’m with you I lose sense of my surroundings.” He removed himself from her breasts and picked her up bridal style in his arms to carry her to the bedroom. Their bedroom. There had been a time when he had considered that space to belong to only him but now, he was willing to share it with Yuriko and he liked how her scent was always there even when she wasn’t.

Ruki set Yuriko down on the bed on her back, climbing over her topless body. Immediately he went back down to her breasts, sucking on one of them fervently while tweaking the other nipple with his fingers.

“Haah… let out more of your cute voice, Yuriko…”

When Ruki said that, Yuriko couldn’t help but moan again. She entwined her fingers with his hair pushing his head closer to her chest while her other hand traveled to his neck. Her fingernails scratched his skin gently the way she knew he loved. His name was on her lips once again, the name she never got bored to repeat as Ruki made love to her breasts with his mouth and fingers. Her moans were the sweetest sounding music he had ever heard. Soon his lips traveled further down her body, and he lifted her hips so he could slide her lace panties down her legs, throwing them somewhere off the bed. It didn’t matter where it ended up, as long as it no longer obscured the beautiful sight that was Yuriko’s bare body.

“Your master is going to kiss you in your favorite spot now… prepare yourself,” Ruki warned, although for her it was anything but a warning. Yuriko’s body tensed from a mere thought of what Ruki was about to do, and her cheeks felt like they were burning, but she didn’t close her eyes. She whispered his name again with a quivering voice as she spread her legs a little. 

“Heh, it seems you instinctively spread your legs for me. How cute… do you yearn for my lips and my tongue ravishing your sweet spot so badly? It seems I’ve trained you well.” Ruki gripped her thighs, spreading them far apart as he positioned his head at her womanhood, his tongue swirling up and down her soft folds. Wet sounds filled the room as Ruki flickered his tongue against Yuriko’s clit. Her eyes never left his and it was obvious that she took pleasure from looking at him between her legs as well as his tongue’s deliberated movements.

“Let your master hear your moans… don’t even think of holding back your voice. Mmmnhh… you’re so wet down here… I can’t get enough of your taste, Yuriko.”

After a few flickers of his tongue, Ruki’s tongue penetrated Yuriko’s slick, ever-tightening sex. With passionate flicks of his tongue he drove himself deeper inside her clenching walls taking the time to taste every last drop of her juices, as if a mimicry of fucking. While he explored her insides, he gently circled her clit with his thumb, applying more pressure as his tongue continued to massage her core until she was moaning over and over again, toes curling. Her insides squeezed around his tongue, making him wish it was his cock instead ramming into her; but first he wanted to get her close to the edge, to the very pinnacle of pleasure. When her hips rose to meet his tongue, Ruki couldn’t help but smirk against her wet folds knowing how desperate Yuriko was for her master’s touch. Soon enough her fingers clutched the blanket under her for relief, the movements of his tongue nearly too much to bear. Her body was always as honest as an open book for him to read.

“Oh my gosh!” Yuriko cried out when Ruki’s tongue touched her sweet spot repeatedly and his thumb was making her legs shake. She could now smell how aroused she was as if her senses had just turned sharper. Even though the room was dim she could clearly see how Ruki’s steel-blue eyes grew a little wider and his eyes lit up with every moan that escaped her lips. Small trembles inside of her began to grow, sending flaming waves all around her body starting from her lower abdomen up to her pounding chest.

“Mmmnn… I think I won’t let you orgasm just yet.” Suddenly Ruki removed himself from her sex and Yuriko let out small protestive sound which was soon put to rest when she watched him unzip his pants. They fell to the floor, revealing his hard erection in all its glory. He chuckled and picked her up, positioning her on his lap, his member twitching wildly against her as he lowered her back down. They were both now sitting upright on the bed, in a perfect position for Ruki to stare into her now deep amber eyes while also admiring her full nudity. Her trembling hands rose on his shoulders when her gaze met his again, full of questions. “Heh, don’t worry, Yuriko… your master will let you have your release soon.” His voice was a teasing, seductive whisper. “I want to take you in this position, Yuriko… the way your whole body is resting on mine makes it feel like I have all of you in my grasp. You’re all mine, and only mine after all…”

With one sudden movement, Ruki lifted Yuriko onto his hard member and began thrusting at a rapid pace. Not once did he break eye contact with her, his hands supporting her back as he rammed his hips into hers.

“Ngghh… Yuriko…!! Haah… it’s like your body was made to please mine… haah…!”

“Ahh… RUKI!!!” Yuriko squalled when her body shook in his grasp. She let out a loud moan when he thrusted into her such devastating force. His eyes staring into hers only made the sensation stronger. The vampire’s familiar scent lingered around them, mixing with hers and sending tingles in every cell of her body; her stomach tightening, her fingers curling around his shoulders, and her insides clenching at a fast pace.

“Hnnn…!! Yuriko!! Yuriko… you’re tightening around my cock… it feels so good…!” Ruki’s thrusts grew rougher and more intense, pounding Yuriko’s sweet spot with every motion. Even while he supported all of her weight, his lovemaking was still as unforgiving as ever. Loud, husky moans that were like the most seductive sounds a man could ever make escaped Ruki’s lips as he felt Yuriko clamp down on his hard cock. Placing steady hands on her rear, he lifted her slightly to ensnare her breasts once more, taking one of her soft mounds into his mouth as he continued to pump his hard member in and out of her increasingly tight cavern. 

“Oh – my – gosh – Ruki!” Yuriko’s voice mingled with wet slaps of their bodies connecting again and again in Ruki’s intense pace. Everything he did made her only squeeze harder around his manhood. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as her fingers curled tightly. Trembling waves of pleasure washed over her body, turning her moans even louder as they mixed with Ruki’s groans. It was like a concert meant only for their ears, and it was the sweetest music she had ever heard.

“Nnnghh… your master is… almost there…! Haah… Yuriko…!! Tell me who you belong to…!”

As Yuriko tightened around his length, Ruki couldn’t help but throb with such intense pleasure much like the other times he approached his climax. His thrusts were now harder, faster, deeper, rougher; almost as if he could split her in half with his cock. The bed creaked beneath them with Yuriko practically bouncing on top of his manhood with each wild movement of his hips. His breathing grew uneven and his body shuddered in sheer pleasure, the sounds of their bodies colliding filling the room.

For a moment Yuriko could feel how shame almost took her over, but it was pushed away with pure ecstasy as Ruki pounded into her so roughly that it was almost impossible to breathe. Her mind was going blank fast as she trembled more and more. There was nothing else other than Ruki and this feeling. There was no shame, just pleasure that made her forget everything else.

“To you! I – belong – to – you – RUKI!! I – am – your – possession…!”

Yuriko cried out Ruki’s name as if it was the only thing she knew anymore.

“Haah… ahhh… good girl…!! Take all of your master’s cum!” Without hesitation, Ruki thrusted erratically inside her pulsating heat and finally all his cold seed spilled out, shooting deep inside Yuriko as she still rested atop his lap. His cock was so buried deep inside that he didn’t realize he had jetted all of his essence inside of her after many wonderful sessions of spraying it onto her body instead. Yuriko’s back bent as Ruki thrust into her for the final time. It had been so long, but she hadn’t forgotten this feeling as his seed filled her insides, how it made her cool down a little and then started slowly to warm up inside of her before oozing out from her again. Her walls squeezed a couple more times around Ruki’s member before her body started to relax in his arms.

Ruki panted heavily from the intimate moment they had just shared, simply in shock from how much pleasure Yuriko could bring him. Then his eyes widened from the realization of what he had just done.

“Oh, Yuriko… I apologize, it wasn’t my intention to let it out inside of you.”

“Ruki…” she whispered before taking a big breath. The memory of the morning when she had panicked in their bathroom was already hazy and distant. It was from another time when she had felt that she wasn’t ready to take responsibility for their deeds. She had been so afraid of the mere idea of what could have followed, but now she realized that there was nothing to worry about. Ruki would always be by her side no matter what happened. 

“I… I don’t… mind. It’s okay.” A lazy smile rose on Yuriko’s lips as she looked into Ruki’s eyes. She lifted her still trembling hand and brushed his cheek with her warm fingers. “I think… I’m not… scared anymore. So, it’s alright. I… I… like both ways… you… you know…”

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